The Titan is a Nissan Truck Worth Buying

Truck enthusiasts often find themselves hunting through the Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge dealerships when the time comes to pick out their new favorite truck. When you think of truck brands, Nissan probably isn’t a manufacturer that comes to mind, but with their 2020 Titan, they should.

Under the Hood

The Nissan Titan offers everything you could want or need from a truck, with all of the reliability and affordability you would expect from Nissan. The Titan starts brand-new at about $36,190 and can range in price all the way up to $55,490 with added features and upgraded options.

Between all available packages of the Titan, there is only one, reliable and powerful motor. Under the hood, you will find a naturally aspirated 5.6L V8 that produced 400hp and 413lb-ft of torque. This year’s Titan also got one major, game-changing upgrade, switching the transmission to a 9-speed automatic to help improve the fuel economy and acceleration.

A Nissan Titan Warrior edition on display at an auto show
A Nissan Titan on display | Todd Korol/Toronto Star via Getty Images

New styling for the Titan

The new Nissan Titan is the best model year yet when it comes to appearance. The updated grille makes the truck look more aggressive than ever, and is available in several finishes from matte black to a stunning bright chrome. LED headlights, low lights, and day-running lights make this model stand out from previous generations, showing Nissan’s clear effort to make a more modern truck.

The Titan is a traditional full-size pickup truck capable of dominating both the paved roads and dirt roads. It is available with two cab options, the King cab that has the smaller half-doors on the back or the larger crew cab. Either option gives you a 5.5ft truck bed. An XD version of the Titan is slightly longer and offers a 6.5ft truck bed.

2020 Nissan Titan | Nissan-00
2020 Nissan Titan | Nissan

Features and Options

The Titan has all of the features and options available that any truck of its class on the market has. The truck bed starts off on a great foot – quite literally – because it has a drop-down step on either side that tucks neatly underneath the bed or slides down to make stepping up into the truck bed that much easier. There is also an option for locking Titan boxes that mount to each side of the truck bed and are so insulated they can also double as coolers. Adjustable sliders allow you to move tie-down points all the way along the bed and some feature a rail that moves down the bottom of the truck bed to transport bikes.

Moving to the interior, you won’t be disappointed with the options here. Leather interiors are an option along with heated and ventilated front seats. The dashboard has traditional analog gauges on either side of a new 7-inch display that gives the truck that truly upgraded feel. The dashboard hasn’t changed much except for the fancy new infotainment system. The infotainment system has a larger 9-inch screen on higher-end models and the standard 7-inch screen on the base models. Both radios are compatible with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay and have customizable home screens that are incredibly easy to navigate.

The interior of the Nissan Titan
The Nissan Titan has 14 cupholders. | Courtesy of Nissan

The Titan has so much to offer that it is clear that Nissan is making a large effort to make its fulls-sized truck a true competitor on the market. While it may not be as popular as the Dodge Ram or Ford F-150 the Nissan Titan has just as much to offer with a very reasonable price tag.