The Tesla Model Y Might Be Everything We’ve Hoped For

The Tesla Model Y seems to be one of the most anticipated car releases of the year. Amongst production timeline push-backs, factories being forced to closed for weeks, and the general chaos of the year, the Tesla Model Y shines through it all, and it definitely lives up to our admittedly high expectations. 

The long-awaited Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is the newest entry into the luxury SUV game, and it has some stiff competition like the BMW X3 and Audi Q3. It makes sense for Tesla to focus on making a more affordable SUV, as SUVs are quickly becoming the best selling vehicles in the United States. The starting price for the Model Y will be a competitive $39,000 making it more modestly priced than some of the other Tesla cars.

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Buying the long-range model will increase that sticker price to $41,000 which is particularly bad for the convenience it provides. Whatever packages and options you chose, the Tesla Model Y has some great styling features. The outside of the Model Y features simple touches that are both modern and modest, not needing fancy grille options or aggressive front fascia to give the SUV a notable appearance.

The rear body lines of the Model Y are sleek, with a sloping roofline that follows all the way back for one continuous look. The interior isn’t overly ornate like some higher-end luxury cars like a $200k+ Mercedes-Benz, but the infotainment system has more features than you could imagine and will no doubt be getting some of the cool Tesla Easter eggs that older models have gotten.

What Consumer Reports had to say

After test driving a Model Y, the team at Consumer Reports had a lot of positive things to say that get us even more excited to get behind the wheel. The first, and most exciting note pointed out is that the Model Y delivers power instantly for that fun, quick acceleration – who said driving an SUV had to be slow and dull?

In fact, with lack of a heavy engine sitting at the front of the car, the stiff suspension and the car’s overall acceleration made the team at Consumer Reports compare it to driving a sports car – that means its a great option for parents looking for practicality but also don’t really like SUVs in the first place.

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Of course, comfort and luxury also come to mind when you’re buying an SUV for that price, and the Model Y delivers in ways other Tesla models have fallen short. According to Consumer Reports, the back seats of the Model Y are the most comfortable seats yet. They offer plenty of space and make ergonomics a key focus in keeping rear-seat passengers comfortable and happy.

The front seats don’t disappoint either, with adjustable lumbar controls, you can enjoy sitting in this car for your daily commute or your long road trips. The minimally designed interior feels modern in a luxurious way, and so far the Tesla Model Y seems to be everything we’ve hoped it would be.


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