The Tesla Model X Is the Worst Electric Car You Should Never Buy

The electric vehicle segment has a small roster of competitors, most of whom have been overshadowed and even outdone by every product that Tesla has produced since 2012. And while the niche brand has grown to epic proportions, thanks to extremely technically advanced features and an eccentric CEO, the quality of their products have always seemed to remain in question.

Popularity might increase sales, but the real nuts and bolts come down to the reliability of a car and as far as reliable electric cars go, the Model X is the worst electric car in the market.

It’s still a good SUV, but it has its flaws

Don’t get us wrong, the Model X is still a good SUV. No other car, even some exotics, can compare to the blisteringly fast acceleration and tech-savvy features that it has. Not to mention a large amount of passenger room and seating capabilities.

However, as we all know, quality has been an issue for just about every Tesla model since they debuted. Uneven panel gaps that lead to an overall horrible fit and finish, as well as some design flaws, make it a little less desirable than more refined products like the Audi E-Tron.

In their review of the Tesla Model X, Edmunds noted that the ride gets choppy with larger wheels and the large windshield lets too much light into the cabin. also noted that the optional 22-inch wheels make the ride noisy and busier.

Consumer Reports gave the car high marks as far as performance and driving experience, however, their scores for ride comfort and overall reliability resulted in a score of 57, which is far lower than the Audi E-Tron and only a little higher than the Jaguar E-Pace.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X | IJG JPEG Library


The Model X is known to have different kinds of reliability issues, mostly pertaining to in-car electronics like the navigation system freezing, but there have been more serious reports as well.

A couple of Tesla Model X owners on have reported that their cars accelerated “suddenly” and “violently.” There are also reports of seat rails rusting as well as other paint quality issues.  

Consumer Reports also gave the Tesla Model X a 1-out-of-5 rating for overall reliability. Their notes cited poor ratings for paint and trim, body integrity, in-car electronics, and body hardware.

This doesn’t surprise us since many new and existing Tesla Model X owners have complained on Tesla’s own message boards about quality issues upon delivery of their new cars concerning faulty falcon doors and paint issues.

Man sitting in a Tesla using the infotainment screen.
Tesla | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It can be hit and miss

Cars are products, and just like anything else that you can buy at a store, they can have issues. The Tesla Model X, on the other hand, is not only a product, but it’s a $100,000 product on wheels that are meant to keep you and your family safe while motoring down the highway.

And while a majority of the Model X’s currently on the road are probably perfectly fine and trouble-free, it turns out that it can still be “hit and miss” when it comes to what you might be getting when you fill out the delivery form for one of these expensive electric cars.

There are many other electric cars currently in the market like the Audi E-Tron, Nissan Leaf, and even the Chevy Bolt, all of which go through rigorous build-quality inspections, granted they all come from more-established automakers.

However, when it comes to the Tesla Model X, all we have to say is “do your research” and make sure that it’s what you want. But if you come to the conclusion that it might not be worth the gamble of spending all your hard-earned money on an electric car that could have issues, then we advise staying away.