The Tesla Model S Is Under Federal Investigation

Tesla was the first big name in the world of EVs, and it’s still delivering good vehicles today. While many of its vehicles are on the pricey side, they’re some of the most high-tech cars on the market. One of the most popular cars produced by the automaker is the luxury Model S.

It’s been widely regarded as Tesla’s best vehicle even after eight years. This partly due to its incredible all-electric range of 402 miles, higher than any of its rivals. However, a recent investigation has been opened by the NHTSA that could tarnish the reputation of the Model S.

Technical problems on the Tesla Model S

Tesla is currently under investigation over a malfunctioning media control unit. One user on Car Complaints goes into detail about the problem, which they experienced inside their 2015 Model S. They reported that the car’s touchscreen went completely blank and stopped producing any audio. To fix the problem, the owner had to take their car to a dealership for a hard reset.

Several other drivers also experienced this problem and have been filing complaints with the NHTSA over the past year. The federal organization estimates that 63,000 units could be potentially affected by the problem. If you own a Tesla Model S from 2012-2015, you may experience this issue in the future.

A few things usually occur before a total touchscreen failure. Drivers reported that their cellular signal dropped frequently and they couldn’t access the car’s navigation feature. Some drivers also said that they had to reset the touchscreen themselves multiple times.

The NHTSA’s investigators believe that this problem is caused by a premature memory failure of the media control unit. Since the same unit hasn’t had any issues in later models, it’s unclear why earlier model years are experiencing problems. In addition to this investigation, a lawsuit against the automaker has also been filed over blank touchscreens.

Other troubling incidents

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time drivers have reported problems with the Model S. Some of these are admittedly not a big deal like the touchscreen being too large. Some also criticize the car due to the fact that it’s not very affordable.

However, some more dangerous problems have also come to light, which the NHTSA is currently investigating. Business Insider recently reported that the Model S’s battery is prone to leaking, which has resulted in multiple fires. In response, Tesla released a statement about the overall safety of its vehicles.

Why everyone loves the Tesla Model S

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If you look inside a Tesla Model S, you’ll quickly see why the massive center touchscreen is so important. The center stack lacks any physical buttons, so the driver can only access infotainment and climate settings through the touchscreen. It’s also the key to allowing drivers to access the internet and built-in navigation.

While this may be annoying for some people, most consider it a part of Tesla’s futuristic aesthetic. However, the infotainment system has been cited by critics to have a number of flaws. While it looks great and responds well to user inputs, it’s distracting, and its menus have a large learning curve.

In terms of power, the Tesla Model S definitely delivers. It’s powered by two electric motors, plus a 100-kWh battery pack, and it comes with standard all-wheel drive. The Performance model can get from 0-60 mph in a little over two seconds.

If you can afford it, the Tesla Model S is an excellent electric car. While the loss of touchscreen power is concerning, it’s important to note that it only affects a small percentage of cars. Despite some claiming otherwise, Tesla cars have also been proven to be very safe vehicles.