The Telsa Model Y Already has Major Problems

Uh oh, Tesla is running into more problems. Specifically, the issues are popping up with the Tesla Model Y SUV. That’s a tough break for Tesla since it was one of the only options doing particularly well. Check out why people are already returning the 2020 Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y Already has Problems 

When you spend $52k and wait for months for your brand new luxury vehicle, you expect it to arrive in perfect conditions. More importantly, you expect it to work. But the 2020 Tesla Model Y is failing to meet those expectations. Some Tesla Model Y models are being returned within a few days, and others are refusing their deliveries. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk walks beside the new Tesla Model Y
The Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk has tried to be proactive in managing this issue by canceling a few deliveries, but the problems are starting to grow as more forums fill up with complaints. It also doesn’t help that returning this dud within seven days of delivery bars you from being able to purchase a different Telsa model for up to one year. 

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Some issues reported include problems with the paint and trim, issues with the upholstery, loose parts, failing parts, and in some cases, the backseat isn’t even bolted to the frame.

Some deliveries are being delayed to fix these problems, but recalls may have to be made. Either way, delays, recalls, returns, and delivery rejections can make this quarter even worse for Tesla. 

Is the Tesla Model Y a Good Car? 

The 2020 Tesla Model Y is a brand new SUV that’s smaller than the popular Tesla Model X and Model 3. It lacks some of the flair that the Model X has. You won’t find rear swinging doors or gimmicks with the Model Y. 

Tesla Model Y parked on road
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

However, the Tesla Model Y does come with some expensive upgrades. The red paint is an extra 2K, and a performance model with all-wheel-drive raises the price to around $68k. The lower-priced, basic model of the Telsa Model Y is predicted to start about $40k, but it isn’t available yet. 

The electric battery provides a 315-mile range on a single charge and can recharge to have a 158-mile range within 15 minutes with the use of a supercharger. Currently, 1,600 chargers are available, and more are being built. 

2020 Tesla Model Y interior
2020 Tesla Model Y interior | Tesla

With the luxury performance Telsa Model Y you can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds. That’s incredibly fast and exciting. The two electric motors are incredibly responsive to automatically adjust the amount of torque sent to each wheel for enhanced control in slippery conditions such as snow, rain, or mud. 

Tesla Model Y Features 

The Tesla Model Y has a lackluster interior that’s a bit of a let down compared to luxury rivals. Although, it does have a full glass roof and a 15” infotainment center. The infotainment center can’t connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, though. 

2020 Tesla Model Y driving on pavement
2020 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

What Is a Portal Axle?

Tech seems to be lacking in the Tesla Model Y. The AutoPilot feature is not an autonomous driving feature. You still need to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Tesla can’t stress that enough. But the Tesla Model Y can fit up to seven passengers and has innovative storage bins and solutions. 

Buying a Telsa Model Y right now feels like a gamble if it’s already arriving with problems. Also, the standard model has been delayed again. We suggest waiting for more reviews to come out or considering a different electric SUV for now until more reviews of the Tesla Model Y appear.