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Winter is here, and with it, snow driving that promises to render some cars motionless. However, not all vehicles are created equal, and some sedans, wagons, and hatchbacks are up to the task of conquering your winter commute. Better yet, some cars can tackle your snow driving without being monstrous SUVs or trucks. Check out some of these vehicles that are great for driving in the snow, like the Subaru Outback or BMW X2. 

  • Subaru Outback 
  • BMW X2
  • Audi A4 allroad
  • Dodge Charger GT AWD
  • Toyota Corolla Cross

What is the average price of a 2022 Subaru Outback?

The Subaru Outback is a staple in family cars with snow-driving credentials; however, it’s also affordable compared to cars like the Volvo V60 Cross Country. The 2022 Subaru Outback starts at around $29,620. For that starting price point, potential owners get standard all-wheel drive (AWD) with Subaru’s X-Mode. X-Mode focuses on providing extra traction in hazardous road conditions. 

The Subaru Outback, like the BMW X2, is an AWD-equipped option for snow driving.
Subaru Outback | Subaru

Moreover, the Outback Onyx XT and Wilderness trims have specific snow and deep snow applications. Subaru’s Outback is an excellent option for tackling commutes and errands without letting snow stop you. 

Is the BMW X2 great for snow driving?

The BMW X2 boasts crossover clearance and optional xDrive AWD for handling snow and inclement weather. According to TrueCar, the xDrive upgrade adds about $2,000 to the sDrive28i’s $37,595 starting point. Also, the 2023 BMW X2 avoids the controversial styling of other BMWs like the iX or the 4 Series. The result is a BMW crossover with optional AWD for snow driving and sportier styling than the X1 or Subaru Outback. 

A BMW X2 is a good-looking snow driving alternative to the marque's more questionable options like the iX.

Is Audi A4 allroad good in snow?

The Audi A4 allroad builds on the trustworthiness of Audi’s AWD systems with heightened clearance and an impact-resistant body. That makes the Audi wagon great for driving in the snow without sacrificing the elegant aesthetic of the A4. However, with a starting price point of around $46,595, the A4 allroad is more expensive than alternatives like the Subaru Outback or BMW X2. 

The Audi A4 allroad packs AWD and a rugged body.
Audi A4 allroad | Audi

Is the Dodge Charger GT AWD good for snow driving compared to the Subaru Outback?

The Dodge Charger GT adds optional AWD for grippy driving in the snow and inclement weather. Of course, fans who want a coupe can also get the Dodge Challenger with an optional AWD system. However, the Charger is a four-door sedan with room for five to tackle your wintertime drives. Moreover, the Charger GT starts at around $36,940, making it affordable compared to pricier German rivals, if also more expensive than the Subaru Outback. 

Of course, potential owners who want a posher interior and more classic styling can opt for a Chrysler 300, which also offers optional AWD. Unfortunately, though, no V8s in the Charger’s library sends power to all four wheels. Instead, the SXT and GT trims use a 3.6L Pentastar V6 mill. 

Does the Corolla Cross have AWD?

The Toyota Corolla Cross has front-wheel drive (FWD) standard. However, the lifted Corolla model offers optional AWD on its wagon platform. As a result, the Toyota Corolla Cross is a solid prospect for easily handling winter commutes.  

However, instead of standard AWD like the Subaru Outback or Audi A4 allroad, the Corolla Cross’ optional system is a $1,300 upgrade. 


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