The Subaru Forester Project Plants Trees in the Wake of Tragedy

The Subaru ‘Love Promise’ is a common theme in Subaru marketing. We’ve seen dogs, babies, and dads tug auto our heartstrings while Subaru reminds that love is ‘what makes a Subaru a Subaru.’ This new project is especially stirring. Following the devastation of the recent wildfires in California, Subaru enacted the Subaru Forester re-foresting project.

a group of volunteers carry trees to plant in an area devoted by wildfires
Subaru Forester Re-Foresting Project tree planters | Dave Gardner, National Forest Foundation

Using the Subaru Forester crossover SUV, the brand plans to plant at least 500,000 trees in the charred and barren landscapes left behind in the path of these massive fires. Subaru drew inspiration from photojournalist Stuart Palley. This California native is a trained wildland firefighter. According to Subaru, Palley “drove his Subaru into the heart of these flames to make sure the world felt their impact.”

Subaru loves the earth

The impact is indeed devastating. Although planting trees can’t bring back what is lost, it can bring hope. However, Subaru wants to help. Community effort has long been a prominent piece of Subaru’s marketing puzzle. That’s where the Subaru Forester re-foresting project comes in.

“Through our Love Promise, Subaru and our retailers are proud to partner with the National Forest Foundation to help replant 500,000 trees in the areas devastated by the California wildfires and to help rebuild the lives of the people and animals most affected by them.”

A firefighter in wildfire gear and camera in tow with a raging forest fire in the background
Firefighter | Subaru

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First, Subaru saw the devastation caused by the fires. The profound documentation by Palley––who happens to own a Subaru Forester crossover SUV himself––struck home. After witnessing the tragedy left behind, the brand decided to pay it forward. In order to help the communities struck by the unforgiving nature of this natural disaster, Subaru is planting trees. In fact, 500,000 trees.

The National Forest Foundation

“Our hearts go out to all those affected by the California wildfires. Our hearts and our help. Introducing the Forester Re-Foresting Project.”


America’s National Forest System includes 193 million acres of wild land. The current National Forest Foundation (NFF) goal is planting trees. As a matter of fact, the NFF plans to replant 50 million trees for the restoration of our national forests. Subaru partnered with the NFF in order to help the foundation fulfill its goals.

a white subaru forester crossover SUV at speed on a scenic road
Subaru Forester | Subaru

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The Subaru Forester re-foresting project

The Subaru Forester crossover SUV has never been so proud of its name. What better car to reforest in the wake of this tragedy than, well, the Forester? It already has an amazing reputation as an AWD SUV that moves people and stuff. Now, the Subaru Forester will move people and baby forests into the bare and blackened earth of the backcountry in order to forest.

a designated Subaru Forester re-foresting vehicle with special forestry badging in the woods
Subaru Forester Re-Foresting Project | Subaru

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If you’d like to help out by volunteering, you can contact either Subaru or the National Forest Foundation. Both will likely point you in the right direction. If you already own a Subaru Forester, you can be proud that your SUV is part of something bigger.