The ROUSH Racing Package Is Every F-150 Fan’s Dream

The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle for more than 30 years and the best-selling truck for more than 40. If you’re buying a Ford F-150, you might be looking for ways to make your truck a little different. Getting an aftermarket ROUSH package to create your own F-150 is one fantastic way to do that.

Jack Roush’s companies

The Ford F-150 on display at the North American International Auto Show
The Ford F-150 | Scott Olson/Getty Images

The ROUSH Performance Products company provides aftermarket parts, vehicles, and engines. It’s part of Roush Industries, which has an extensive background in automotive engineering and car racing. The company offers Ford Mustangs and F-150 models modified with racing concepts but that are still street legal.

Jack Roush first founded Roush Performance Engineering in 1976 after getting his start in 1964 as an engine development engineer for Ford. As part of Roush Fenway Racing, Jack Roush is the owner with the most wins in NASCAR history. Roush’s companies create engines for other racing teams, and his Roush Enterprises develops automotive products for industries around the world.

Features in the ROUSH F-150 package

The ROUSH package is available for the F-150 XLT or the F-150 Lariat trims. It includes lots of upgrades for the truck’s exterior and interior along with performance upgrades. It even has its own additional upgrade options that can be added. The package creates an even stronger off-road identity.


For the truck’s exterior, there are ten different body colors to pick from plus optional graphics that can be added on the windshield, hood, sides, or tailgate. ROUSH has its own imposing trademark front grille with the logo and integrated lighting. The sides have bigger fender flares also with integrated lighting, and there’s more light mounted to the bed.

Buyers can add an optional retractable aluminum bed cover. The tires are upgraded to 20-inch black wheels with all-terrain General Tire Grabber ATX LT305/55R20 tires. This compares to the XLT’s and Lariat’s standard 17-inch and 18-inch standard tires.


There are fewer changes to the interior, and most of the changes are optional. The package includes the ROUSH gauge cluster, floor liners from WeatherTech, and interior ROUSH serialized badging. You can choose to add the premium leather package, a console vault in the center console, and the off-road utility kit.


The ROUSH package does not offer any additional engine choices; however, the F-150 XLT already has five engine options while the F-150 Lariat has four. Depending on which is selected, the payload capacity is between 1,990 and 3,270 pounds and the towing capacity ranges between 7,700 pounds and 11,400 pounds.

The package does provide a ROUSH/Fox 2.0 off-road suspension and lift system to improve the truck’s driving ability in tough off-road conditions. A dual-tip performance exhaust system is an option and can be switched between touring, off-road, sport, and custom modes. The ROUSH Active Exhaust phone app lets drivers customize the sound of their exhaust system.

Cost of this package

The cost of the ROUSH package for the 2020 F-150 starts at $13,750, and the optional items are extra. The F-150 XLT starts at $34,510, and the F-150 Lariat starts at $42,500. Once you factor in buying the F-150 first, the total price is going to run buyers between $48,000 and $75,000.

While the package may not seem that expensive considering the total cost, the optional features can increase the price a lot. This package is especially good for drivers who want a custom exterior and extra off-road capabilities.

For drivers looking for even more, including some engine upgrades, ROUSH also offers several other packages for Ford F-150s, though they do have higher starting price tags. All of these unique F-150s can be purchased from participating Ford dealers.