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You’ve heard the buzz about the Ford Raptor. This top-of-the-line enhancement for the F-150 is a sharp rendition and powerful in both style and performance. What you may not realize is that Roush has been able to take the monstrously capable Raptor to the next level. Today, we want to talk about the Roush Raptor package. It’s making an already dominant truck, an undisputed off-road king.

Ford Raptor is already head of its class

The Ford Raptor offers a series of key features as an F-150 upgrade. A few notable mentions include the 3.5L EcoBoost V6, 10-speed automatic transmission, and Fox Off-Road Live Valve Racing Shox.

You’ll also have the high-tech Trail Control feature, a kind of cruise control for the off-road, low-traction experience. Your Raptor will also offer a menu of additional optional equipment and style enhancements. It’s hard to imagine improving on the fully loaded Raptor. However, Roush Performance, as it traditionally does, takes the Raptor to a new level of beast-mode.

Introducing the Roush Raptor package

Roush Performance has been beefing up vehicles for years. The Raptor is no exception. Opting for the Roush Raptor will have your F-150 in a whole class of its own. Below are a few upgrades you can expect.

Performance: Roush makes significant enhancements to improve overall performance, including new fuel rails, injectors, and intercoolers. Roush claims the blower increases this truck’s horsepower by 225, making the final overall numbers around 650-hp and 610 lb-ft of torque.

Tires: You’ll have 20-inch off-road wheels keeping you grounded. With BF Goodrich behind the rubber with its All-Terrain T/A KO2 best, you’ll have complete confidence on any terrain. You can opt for the high-performance boost to 35-inch BFG tires with locking lugs.

Exhaust: The look and sound of your Roush Raptor are enhanced with the Roush Axle-Back Exhaust featuring five-inch black tips.

Interior: The Roush badging will be sprinkled throughout your pickup’s interior, including the gauge cluster, headrests, and console.

Exterior: The Roush Graphics package will add all the impressive exterior badging you need. Add the extras bedside, on the windshield, and across the hood. Along with the new Roush Chase Rack, your F-150 will have a confident outward personality.

Roush Options: Available Roush add-ons include off-road lighting by Rigid, a Roush exclusive utility kit, a console vault, and a splatter graphics upgrade.

Performance reflected in pricing

You can expect to pay around $54,000 for the stock Ford Raptor. Adding a Roush badge and family of upgrades will tack on an extra $13,000 on up. At the top range of Roush’s F-150 beefed-up versions, you can add a 5.0L V8 Roush supercharged engine. You can have all the muscle but will definitely be paying for it.

Roush Raptor isn’t the pickup for everyone

In one off-road course testing review, we found, the F-150 equipped with the Roush Supercharged package handled every terrain they tested. It climbed hills, crossed water, and blew through rock crawls. It was a sufficiently stacked Supercrew version, along with a few extra Roush extras in terms of graphics.

The verdict was that even the most extreme off-road challenges were easily traversed, as they should have been, considering the nearly $90,000 price tag. If you’re into conquering the rugged terrain and trails, this is the truck for you. Anything else, the standard Raptor might be all the power you need.

Anything Roush Performance touches turns to proverbial gold. The Ford Roush Raptor is the golden goose of F-150s and launches an entirely new performance capability for Ford pickups. It may just be the undisputed off-road king. If it’s your next truck, you won’t be disappointed.