The Rivian R1S and R1T Will Stand Out From the Crowd With Wacky Designs

At first glance, you might think some new pictures from Rivian are the typical camouflaged spy shots, but you’d be wrong. The world of customizing cars by wrapping them in vibrantly colored vinyl has become wildly popular. The problem is, not all wraps were made equal, and it can be a bit of risk wrapping a brand new car. Rivian is taking the risk away and will likely be offering a series of wild and wacky color schemes and patterns to wrap your electric truck straight from the factory. 

Both the Rivian R1T and R1S will get even cooler

According to Gear Patrol, even with the pandemic delays, Rivian should start delivering its highly anticipated electric trucks and SUVs to customers this year. If we weren’t already excited enough for these badass trucks, the tweeted photos of the Rivian’s new look should just about send any Rivian fans’ heads shooting off our bodies in sheer stokeatude. 

Rivian recently tweeted a photo of the R1T with a rad new customizing option. Like I said earlier, it looks a little like the prototype camo. Upon further inspection, it is way cooler and more intentional than that ol’ black and white sticky paper. 

You can get your wrap from the factory now instead of the back of the tire shop

Rivian confirmed in a later tweet that the patterned wrap pictured and others would be available as a factory option for any Rivian. 

The pattern is staying very on-brand for Rivian. The pattern is supposed to be an homage to the famed rock-climbing Mecca, El Capitan.

Rivian R1T sporting the newly announced custom wrap option
Rivian R1T sporting the newly announced custom wrap option | Rivian Twitter

The option hasn’t gone live yet, but Rivian says that people should keep an eye out for it. Other than these tweets, we really don’t know much else. Rivian hasn’t said how many different options there are, when it will be available, or how much it will cost.

This bodes well for customizing your Rivian

We still aren’t sure how the process will work. I assume Rivian won’t let you order a totally custom print. Instead, it will likely have multiple options available like Jeep decal packages or something. If the custom paint color price of $1,500 big smackers is any indication, the vinyl wrap will likely come at a premium price tag, too. Although wrapping is cheaper than painting in the after-market world. I guess we will have to wait and see. 


Rivian Is Preparing a Way For Wilderness EV Charging

Rivian is staying on brand 

Rivian has consistently been dedicated to the outdoors(wo)men with every step. Late last year, Rivian announced that it would be building a system of outdoor chargers in places where outdoor adventures take place. Popular climbing spots, trailheads, fishing, and cycling areas would have dedicated Rivian chargers that would support its outdoorsy clientele. 

The electric truck brand proved its ability and desire to build off-grid charging stations when they laid the charging network for the newest Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman film, Long Way Up, where the two famous bikers road electric motorcycles from Argentina to LA. If that weren’t enough of an advertisement, the support vehicles were Rivians, too. 

I’m not alone in feeling like Rivian is about to dominate the EV game. There is still a lot to learn about the EV startup, but I can tell you that Imma will be there when that stock IPOs.