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You can order a Rivian electric truck with a battery pack as large as 180 kWhs. You can certainly use all this energy to power the R1T’s segment-leading quad-motor-drive system. But thanks to its wide array of different power outlets, you can also use the battery pack to power all your other gear.

The Rivian electric truck has 6 USB-C outlets

Closeup of the center console of the Rivian R1T with power outlets visible.
Rivian R1T center console | Rivian

Rivian wants to make sure every passenger can charge their phone. For this reason, it included six cutting-edge USB-C outlets in the cab of its truck. The front passengers have two USB-C outlets in the center console. These are also working USB ports that you can use to transfer media.

The rear seat passengers actually have four USB-C outlets to choose from. The Rivian truck offers two more USB-C outlets at the back of the center console. In addition, each front seat has one USB-C outlet built into the back of its headrest. So even with three passengers in the back seat of the Rivian, each can charge their phone and they will have an outlet left over for another device.

In addition, Rivian offers wireless charging. The Rivian electric truck has a high speed wireless charging tray in the front of its center console.

The Rivian truck offers 3 traditional 12-volt outlets

The white leather interior of a Rivian electric truck with USB-C power outlets built into its seat headrests.
Rivian R1T interior | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Once upon a time, vehicles only offered round, 12-volt power outlets. These traditional outlets originally housed in-car cigarette lighters–and they still can. But the aftermarket automotive market now builds countless other accessories to plug into these traditional, round, 12-volt outlets.

Rivian engineered many aspects of its electric truck to disrupt the existing automotive industry. But the manufacturer knows that Rivian buyers will still want to power automotive accessories they already own. To this end, it installed three traditional 12-volt outlets in its electric truck.

The first traditional 12-volt outlet in the Rivian electric truck is in its dashboard, located between the driver and passenger. The second is at the front of the truck’s front trunk (frunk). The third and final 12-volt outlet is inside the gear tunnel, the truck-width compartment between the Rivian’s back seat and bed.

These 12-volt outlets power on whenever the vehicle is powered on. In addition, you can select “Convenience Power” on the Rivian’s menu to leave your power outlets turned on even when you walk away from the vehicle.

The Rivian truck features 3 “wall socket” style 120-volt outlets

Red Rivian electric truck parked outside the manufacturer's factory.
2022 Rivian R1T | Jamie Kelter Davis/Bloomberg

You can also use the Rivian electric truck to power electrical items that require a two-prong “wall socket” style outlet like you would find inside a house. These outlets offer 120-volts. They also put out up to 1,500 amps.

One of these 120-volt two-prong outlets is located in the cab. This outlet is at the bottom of the center console, facing the rearseat passengers. A rearseat passenger could use it to power an items such as a laptop, even while the truck is moving.

The Rivian electric truck offers a second 120-volt outlet on the passenger side of its pickup bed. You could use this outlet to power outdoor gear or charge wireless power tools.

Finally, the Rivian truck features a 120-volt outlet on the passenger side of its gear tunnel. If you order Rivian’s aftermarket camp kitchen, which slides out of the gear tunnel, it plugs into this 120-volt power outlet.

These 120-volt power outlets do not automatically turn on when the Rivian truck turns on. You need to use the Rivian’s menu to turn them on. Leaving them on can actually reduce the electric truck’s range.

Next, find out whether the Rivian electric truck’s outlets can run power tools or watch the new pickup put to the test on a Colorado ranch in the video below:


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