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Sometimes finding out the truth behind a myth makes the story even better, especially when it pertains to supercars. The tale of the 2.7 GPA Ferrari is no different. Here is the real story behind the vanity-plated supercar, straight from the owner.

A Reddit thread called ‘This Vanity Tag’ went viral with a picture of a black Ferrari with a license plate that read “2.7 GPA.” Other Reddit threads shared it, and, as a result, the vanity plate got upward of 70k upvotes. It has continued to catch the eye of many wondering, “Is this for real? Was this just a stunt? Who owns this car and did they really have a 2.7 GPA?”

“What do you call a Lawyer with a 2.7 GPA? A Lawyer.”

This is the first interview ever with the owner of the mysterious 2.7 GPA Ferrari.  I’ve agreed to keep his identity anonymous at his request. The cars that have had this plate and the story itself are a lot more interesting than I am,” our mysterious Ferrari owner remarked.

The Real Story Behind the 2.7 GPA Ferrari

The following are the words of the 2.7 GPA Ferrari:

Where I am in life today is very different from where I started. I grew up in Austin, Texas a child of divorce without a dad in the picture. I had dropped out by 16, and the best way to say it, I was a juvenile delinquent. In 1995, I moved from Austin to Dallas to work on my family’s cattle ranch. I had no car, no money, I had just gotten a GED and didn’t have any prospects. 

The work was hot, dirty, and minimum wage. I knew I wanted to do more with my life. Some old friends who had also moved to Dallas helped me get my life on track. I started to think about my next steps, and one of them recommended I try this little Christian college just up the road. I got in and only intended to go there for a year or two and transfer to “real school,” no luck. After 4.5 years, I graduated with a 2.7 GPA business degree. 

How he turned it around and got a Ferrari

I got the idea that I wanted to go to law school. But people with 2.7 GPAs don’t usually get into law school. I applied to several different schools and was able to get in. Long story short, I went from a dropout, with a GED to now having five college degrees, including a master’s, a Doctorate, and ended up going to Harvard.

Many years later, I am the CEO of a group of 5 companies, and I still practice law a little bit. A few years back, I got my first Ferrari, a black 458 Italia. I told my wife I need to find a cool vanity plate for this. And being kind of smart ass I thought maybe “douchebag” or something. But then it hit me “2.7 GPA.” 

2.7 GPA Ferrari
2.7 GPA Ferrari license plate

The very first day I put it on, I went to get a haircut, and someone snapped a picture of it went viral. I didn’t even know until a friend showed me all the comments from “You can have a C average and still be a CEO” to “Oh, I’m sure daddy bought it for him.”

But for the most part, they have been positive. And now and again, it goes around and then makes its way back to me. I have kept it on every Ferrari I have owned just because it’s really a fun eye-catcher.”

What can you say is the best story you can share about the license plate?

“The best story has to be, one day, a young man about 19-20 walks up to me, well dressed, with a backpack, and clearly was trying to find his way. I told him my story, and 20 minutes later, complete with notes he had taken, he walked with a big spring in his step, it was awesome.”

The 2.7 GPA Ferrari license plate makes headlines

Most recently, D Magazine posted “A Curious License Plate on a Cool Ferrari” with my newest car, a silver 488 Spider. 

As with all good stories, there is more to it than space could allow. Maybe if you find him, he can share all the other details. Just keep an eye out for the 2.7 GPA Ferrari. Keep up with MotorBiscuit for the latest content covering performance and luxury cars!


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