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Ford released its sales figures for May, and in the company’s new report there were a few surprises. The company is still selling Ford GT supercars, for example. But there were some other vehicles that shattered records, too, like the Mustang Mach E that saw sales increase 166% over the previous year’s sales. But there was one perfectly good SUV that stood out for its lack of sales: The 2022 Lincoln Navigator, making it the rarest new Ford SUV you can buy.

Why are Lincoln Navigator 2022 sales so slow?

2022 Lincoln Navigator Manhattan Green Black Label parked in the plaza of a luxury forest home
2022 Lincoln Navigator Manhattan Green Black Label | Ford Motor Company

Ironically, the Lincoln Navigator may be a victim of its own success. In April, Ford put a little notice on the Navigator website that said: “The 2022 Lincoln Navigator is only available for custom order. Some models, trims, and features may not be available. Please contact your local Lincoln Retailer for updates and assistance.”

In other words, “We’re sold out.” So, the 1,097 Navigators that were sold in May were those that Lincoln dealers were lucky enough to have on their lots. That being said, the company only sold 7,993 Navigators in all of 2021 and sales are down 46.8% for the year. The big luxury SUV market is also heating up. Jeep launched the Grand Wagoneer, and GM’s 2022 Cadillac Escalade and 2022 Yukon Denali are strong sellers. Now, Land Rover is going after the big luxury three-row sales with the new Defender 130.

How much does a fully-loaded Lincoln Navigator cost?

Front view of maroon 2021 Lincoln Navigator
2021 Lincoln Navigator | Lincoln

Lincoln hasn’t released an all-new SUV since the new Navigator was revealed in 2019. You can say the Navigator SUV is the luxury version of the Ford Expedition SUV, but that would be selling the Navigator short. The Navigator has all of the technology and interior space you could want, including a 33-way power drivers seat, an active suspension, and all the driver technology that Lincoln can pack in.

The Navigator isn’t cheap, it starts at around $78,000, but the Black Lablel L version can cost nearly $110,000. But that Black Label version has so many options that it’s $16,000 more than the Reserve, which starts at $89,185. The standard version starts at $77,000.

Interestingly, Lincoln says that the Navigator represents 33% of its conquest sales, which is car-dealer speak for those that trade in a competing brand’s SUV for the navigator. So, if you see a bunch of used Escalades at your local Lincoln dealer, that’s because ‘Slade owners swapped brands.

What was new for the 2022 Lincoln Navigator?

A black 2022 Lincoln Navigator in an indoor environment.
2022 Lincoln Navigator | Getty Images

Navigator had to bring the luxury for 2022 to compete with the new Grand Wagoneer and the Yukon Denali. Even the long-lived Infiniti QX80 saw upgrades in 2021. Navigator was last updated in 2019. But the Lincoln Navigator for 2022 saw the addition of ActiveGlide, which is Lincoln’s semi-autonomous driving like Ford’s BlueCruise. It also got a new 13.2-inch center screen, massaging second row seats in the completely redesigned interior. Lincoln updated  the sheet metal outside, too, but it will take an eagle eye to find the changes.


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