The Ram 1500 TRX Will Cost Extra at the Fuel Pump

The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX is a thirsty boi. But this shouldn’t be a surprise. Ram created a truck with a massive amount of power, so it drinks a lot of gas. But the amount of gas the Ram 1500 TRX drinks is still shocking. 

The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX has a terrible fuel economy 

The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX has a 6.2-liter V6 engine that pumps out 702 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. When the truck made its debut, people focused on its power, and its fuel economy wasn’t revealed until later. 

A red 2021 Ram 1500 TRX slides through the desert in a big dust cloud
2021 Ram 1500 TRX | Ram

Now we know that the Ram 1500 TRX is incredibly thirsty. According to AutoBlog, the Ram 1500 TRC gets 10 mpg in the city, 14 mpg on the highway, and 12 mpg combined. It’s the HellCar with the worst fuel economy. 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk manages to get 13 mpg combined, with the Dodge Charger and Challenger do a little better with 15 mpg combined. Figures for the Dodge Durango Hellcat haven’t been released yet. 

Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition
Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition | Ram

While the Ram 1500 TRX was developed to be an off-road performance truck, fuel economy probably wasn’t a major concern. However, off-roaders like the Hummer EV, Jeep Wrangler 4xe, and the Tesla Cybertruck are all way better in terms of fuel economy. 

Is the Ram 1500 TRX worth buying? 

The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX starts around $71,690, making it an incredibly expensive option. Now you’ll have to factor in the cost of gas for each of your trips. The Ram TRX has a 33-gallon fuel tank, so hopefully, that will hold enough fuel for off-roading adventures. 

But it is an excellent truck that could be worth every penny for the amount of power and luxury it has to offer. Active Bilstein Blackhawk e2 shocks are very impressive. They are electronic reservoir shocks with three pistons per shock. 

Plus, the front shocks are paired with linear coils with Jounce Cut Offs for the best in class bottom-out control. Also, the rear shocks work with the tallest coil springs to ever be placed on a consumer truck. 

It has new short-long aluminum control arms and a massive Dana Adventrek 250mm rear axle with full-float shafts that use uni bearings on the end. The axle has a five-link setup with a solid forged track bar and a 46mm Bilstein kicker shock to control axle hop. 

A photo of the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX outdoors.
Ram 1500 TRX | Ram

That got very technical very quickly. The point to drive home is that all the equipment used in the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX makes it a capable and comfortable beast. You won’t have too much of a bumpy ride while crawling over rocks and jumping desert dunes. 

How is the Ram 1500 TRX interior? 

You get what you pay for with the Ram 1500 TRX, meaning it has a world-class interior. It has leather, metal, and carbon-fiber in the trim to create a sporty, high-quality feel without being pretentious, according to TruckTrend

Ram 1500 TRX Interior
Ram 1500 TRX Interior | Ram

5 Reasons to Buy the Ram 1500 TRX Instead of the Ford F-150 Raptor

The 12″ infotainment screen fits perfectly in the dash and is easy to reach. Plus, the seats have an extra 25mm of bolstering to hold you in place comfortably. Also, active noise canceling keeps the cab nice and quiet, despite the roars of the loud engine.