The Ram 1500 Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Truck Anymore

No offense to your Grandpa’s truck. We are sure that it was or still is a great vehicle that your ‘ole Pappy is proud of. But we can also speculate that his old truck has been a slight pain in the rear. The 2020 Ram 1500 is the opposite of a pain in the rear, and while it isn’t your Grandpa’s truck, it will make him proud. 

The Ram 1500 Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Truck 

Think about that old faded truck parked in your Grandpa’s yard. It probably has a lot of chrome, the doors squeak when they’re opened, and something might be held together with duct tape. The bench seat might be made of some type of uncomfortable fabric, and for some reason, the cab has some humidity. Perhaps one of the seats is wet. 

The Ram Big Horn with a dark red body driving in the country
2020 Ram 1500 | Ram Trucks

There might be a sketchy smell of mold or diesel, and the AC or radio might not work. However, that truck is loved and respected, even with its terrible fuel economy, difficult turning radius, and loud, bumpy cab. Now it’s time to check out a new truck that y’all can be proud of and comfortable in. 

Is the 2020 Ram 1500 a Good Truck? 

Things have changed since your Grandpa was buying trucks back in the day. Instead of getting caught up in the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado rivalry, the Ram 1500 is one of the best options you can buy. Car and Driver ranks it with a 10/10 for being dependable and for having enough comfort to rival luxury vehicles. 

Ram 2019 SEMA Concepts | FCA
Ram 2019 SEMA Concepts | FCA

That being said, the Ram 1500 is a little pricier than other base model trucks. It begins around $32k. But trucks that start cheaper, around $28k, like the Ford F-150, hardly come with any feature standards. 

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As the best-ranked truck brand by U.S. News and the Consumer Guide best buy, the Ram 1500 comes with large leather seats and a coil spring suspension that’s nice and smooth. The active noise cancellation also keeps the noise out for a peaceful cabin that’s rated at 56.2 decibels. A typical conversation is rated at 60 decibels, while a lawnmower is rated at 90. 

2020 Ram 1500 Features 

The Ram 1500 has a 10” touchscreen infotainment center that can connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Plus, the 115-Volt outlet and fast USB chargers will keep multiple devices charged. 

2020 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn interior shows massive leather seats
2020 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn interior | FCA

You don’t have to cram into this truck either. There is 45.1” of legroom in the back, and the center console can be used as an extra seat. You can also store your gear under the seats or use the in-floor storage bins. 

The Ram 1500 can tow up to 12,750 pounds, and the multifunctional tailgate has a 60/40 split to open horizontally if needed. For towing, there are multiple backup camera views and sensors to make hitching up or backing up easier. The blind-spot detection feature also automatically accounts for the entire length of your trailer. 

2020 Ram 1500 Tradesman
2020 Ram 1500 Tradesman | Ram

Plus, it has a diesel engine option available, and like your Grandpa’s truck, it’s built to last. The Ram 1500 offers a variety of warranties, including a powertrain warranty that lasts up to five years or your first 100k miles.