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For folks who don’t want a motorcycle but want something that’s more powerful than a regular bicycle, electric bikes exist. E-bikes are generally more powerful and faster than regular bikes, while being cheaper than a motorcycle. E-bikes can be used for a lot of things too, and the RadWagon 4 is a great e-bike for folks who need to carry around a lot of stuff.

The RadWagon 4’s capabilities

Like Rad Power Bikes wrote, cargo bikes are typically used for different purposes than a regular bike’s used for. Generally speaking, a regular bike is pretty similar to everyone’s favorite childhood memory, and it’s a cheap and easy way for people to go from A to B without much hassle. Cargo bikes on the other hand, serve a completely different purpose, as its name implies.

While cargo bikes can still be used like a regular bike, its heavier nature also allows it to carry more stuff than usual. For parents with kids, cargo bikes can carry the kids around relatively easily.

But of course, for delivery people who are working at gig jobs, cargo bikes are a very easy way to deliver food. There are many other uses for cargo bikes, but those are some of the more common ones. 

As a result of those needs, Rad Power Bikes said that the RadWagon 4 can carry up to 350-pounds of cargo. Not only that, but thanks to its new electric motor, which is 750W in the U.S., 500W in Canada, and 250W in the European Union, the RadWagon 4 can carry that cargo relatively easily.

This new motor is also lighter and it delivers more torque than the older design, according to Rad Power Bikes. The RadWagon 4 also has a 672 Wh lithium-ion battery that has an estimated range of up to 45 miles on a single charge. However, since it’s an e-bike, riders can always pedal when the battery is dead. 

The RadWagon 4’s unique design

That said, the RadWagon 4 isn’t the only cargo e-bike on the market, but Rad Power Bikes said that the RadWagon 4 has a completely new and unique design. Rad Power Bikes said that many cargo bikes can feel wobbly to ride around on. To fix this, Rad Power Bikes designed brand-new custom tires for the RadWagon 4. 

Those new tires, according to Rad Power Bikes, gave the RadWagon 4 a lower center of gravity, which in turn, made it more stable and thus, allowed riders to feel more confident when they’re on the bike.

That’s not the only great feature about the RadWagon 4 however. Like Rad Power Bikes wrote, the RadWagon 4 is also easily adjustable. This means that riders won’t have to use tools in order to get the bike to feel comfortable for them. 

Potential drawbacks

So far, like Rad Power Bikes said, there are few complaints about the RadWagon 4. The improvements and upgrades seem to have done their job and the RadWagon 4 seem to be significantly better than the RadWagon 3. 

That said, the RadWagon 4 costs $1,600. This is to be expected, since it’s a cargo bike and not any other regular bike. However, not everyone who’s interested in e-bikes need a cargo bike, as not everyone needs to carry around a lot of cargo to begin with. 

For example, Rad Power Bikes offers a more entry-level e-bike called the RadMission 1, and it starts at $1,000. Other e-bike manufacturers are making e-bikes that are significantly cheaper as well. So, as long as customers are actually using the RadWagon 4 for cargo, it’s worth it, but otherwise, there are better options available. 


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