The Propella 7-Speed is a Great eBike for Less Than $2,000

Need a smaller bike while you work up to that moped or big, growling Harley? An eBike may be just what you need: it’s just like a regular bike except for the motor attached. There are many good eBikes on the market, but the best cheap eBike has to be the Propella 7-Speed.

A flashy new eBike could be the perfect incentive to get you outside and moving, plus reduce your carbon footprint. However, some may wonder if a bike with a motor is worth nearly $1,200. Let’s go over what makes the Propella 7-Speed an excellent eBike.

Lightweight and agile

The Propella 7-Speed only weighs in at 39 pounds, making it lighter than your average electric bike. It’s only available in a medium frame, measuring about 19 inches high, so exceptionally taller riders may explore other options. The battery and motor only weigh about 11 pounds combined, but the battery is removable.

The Propella’s lightweight body makes it easy to navigate through busy sidewalks or high-traffic park trails. According to Wired’s in-depth review, it doesn’t feel much different from riding a regular bike, which many eBike drivers appreciate. It’s also perfect for making quick trips into town and back if you don’t own a car.

Quality construction

The Propella 7-Speed is pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint. The electric blue accents and wheel rims make the Propella stand out from other eBikes. It also comes with a shiny white chainring, metal foot pedals, Tektro disc brakes, and an LED screen on the handles.

The body is aluminum alloy, and the seat is a Vader saddle with gel cushioning. However, it doesn’t come with any of the fancier eBike add-ons like fenders and headlights. It also doesn’t include a suspension seat, but you can purchase that for only $199 extra. However, if you’re only going to be riding the Propella over smooth roads, it’s not a necessary addition.

Plenty of power

Wired was impressed with the overall power exhibited by the Propella 7-Speed’s motor. It’s capable of 250 kWh, a top speed of 18 mph, and requires only 2.5 hours for a full charge. The Propella doesn’t have the conventional throttle button, but it does come with a cadence sensor. 

This detects how much additional power the rider needs from the motor and adjusts itself to their needs. Drivers can also choose what level of assistance they need from the LED screen on the handlebars. The extra gears on the 7-Speed also help riders tackle hills without any issues.

Smooth riding

Thanks to its lightweight construction, it’s easy for drivers to get into the saddle of the Propella 7-Speed. Even riders who are new to driving bikes with the extra weight won’t have problems controlling it. While it’s not as fast as other motorized bikes, you won’t feel at a loss for power while pedaling. Wired also reported that, unlike other eBikes, you feel more planted to the road while riding the Propella 7-Speed.

More affordable than the rest

$1,200 may seem like a lot for a fancy bike, but the Propella 7-Speed is relatively affordable. The best eBike overall on Wired’s list was the Specialized Turbo Vado, which retailed for $4,500. An electric mountain bike retailed for nearly $6,000, and some bikes with extra passenger attachments cost as much as $8,000.

Of course, these bikes may have more powerful motors and more versatility than the Propella 7-Speed. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t require an eBike with all the bells and whistles, try the Propella. 

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