The Porsche Macan Tied Itself for Best Luxury SUV

Most car critics have been less than complimentary when discussing the price and available features of the 2020 Porsche Macan. Have car critics given the Macan a fair shake? Car and Driver have a difference of opinion with the auto critics crowd, placing both the Porsche Macan at the top of its Best Compact Luxury SUVs list for 2020.

However, buyers have an easy choice when it comes to choosing between trim levels as the base model 2020 Macan tied with the 2020 Macan Turbo at the top of their top 10 list, making all four trim levels as a safe bet.

The Porsche Macan and Macan Turbo tie for the best compact luxury SUV

Though the Macan often takes a back seat to Cayenne among Porsche SUVs, little brother has surged into the spotlight, demanding notice. Where being at the top of the compact luxury SUV list with one trim level is impressive, tying with one of the model’s trim levels is heroic.

The Macan Turbo made an impressive move in 2020 by showing up on Car and Driver’s 10 Best Cars and Trucks list, where big brother, Cayenne, was conspicuously absent. The trusted car critic is making a significant declaration of their faith in the Macan by giving equal rank to the SUV’s base model, making the argument that trim level makes no difference when selecting the best Macan.

What Car and Driver loved about Macan and Macan Turbo


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The bold statement made by Car and Driver’s selection comes with a solid list of supporting arguments. The car critic cites a quick, stylish exterior and exceptional poise on the road as the base model Macan’s best features while praising the Macan Turbo for ridiculous performance, an elegant interior, and a myriad of personalization options. “Steeped in Porsche excellence” is a major feature in Car and Driver’s verdict for the Macan while hailing its turbocharged twin’s fantastic high-performance. Price and space limitations were the only two drawbacks for both models.

What’s the difference between these two Porsche SUVs?

With both of the 2020 Macan Porsche SUVs sitting at the top of the compact luxury class, choosing the trim-level comes down to comparing them. Macan’s base model comes with a more fuel-friendly 2.0-liter, inline 4-cylinder engine, which produces a mild 248hp. It has an all-wheel-drive configuration and a more conservative, “low-rent” interior. The sticker price on the base model is right at around $52k.

In contrast, to its laidback twin, the Macan Turbo package includes a more brazen 2.9-liter, turbocharged V-6 capable of nearly twice the horsepower at 434hp. Along with more power, this trim model includes adaptive dampers and 20-inch wheels while featuring a more refined interior. Air suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, and Sport Chrono packages are available options on this model, pushing the sticker price to around $85k.

You win by choosing either Porsche Macan

The Porsche Cayenne has led Porsche SUVs even though the Macan has been around much longer. It’s like when a little brother finally has bragging rights as Car and Driver’s choice for Best Compact Luxury SUV for 2020. Because the base model 2020 Macan tied with its own Macan Turbo trim level, Porsche’s compact SUV makes a powerful statement to the competition and establishes itself as a viable alternative to the larger and more costly Porsche Cayenne.

The most significant benefit derived from competing with your own trim models to take the top spot comes to the buyer who can confidently choose any of the 2020 Porsche Macan trim models and still own the best luxury SUV in the compact class.