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Some of the best selling cars in 2019 were trucks, and every automaker wants to get in on the action. That’s what Nissan was thinking when it introduced the Titan, Nissan’s full-size truck option for its customers. Now, with a new trim for the Titan, Nissan is trying to take aim at the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Nissan is turning the Titan around

While there are worse cars on the road, the Nissan Titan was one of the worst full-sized pickup trucks in 2019, according to Consumer Reports. The 2019 Titan was a good attempt by Nissan at making a full-size truck that was competitive with the likes of Ford and Chevy, but it wasn’t good enough. 

Consumer Reports said that despite having great towing capacity, the Titan was worse than its competitors in pretty much every other area. This includes its interior, its fuel economy, and its price tag. As a result of that poor showing, the Titan didn’t sell well in 2019. 

That said, it’s a new year and Nissan is hoping to turn its luck around. Nissan, like many other Americans, has seen the success of the Raptor. The Raptor is a premium but capable trim that can off-road really well. Nissan, according to CarBuzz, sees a chance to fight the Raptor by introducing a trim for the Titan that’ll give it similar features that the Raptor has. 

The Nissan Titan Pro4X

This trim for the Titan is called the Pro4X, according to CarBuzz. With this trim, the Titan will still have the same powerful 5.6-liter V8 400-hp engine that the regular Titan has, but the Pro4X will have far more features. In fact, CarBuzz reports that Nissan added 60% more things to the Titan with the Pro4X trim. 

All of these additions will allow the Titan Pro4X to compete with the Raptor. Some of these additions are to its interior, but others are to its capabilities. Like the Raptor, Nissan wants the Titan Pro4X to be a premium off-roading truck.

As a result of that, like the Raptor, CarBuzz says that the Titan Pro4X will come standard with infotainment features like an 8-inch touch screen display that’s compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Nissan says that the Titan Pro4X will have many more infotainment features as standard because that’s exactly what its customers are expecting from a premium truck. But on top of those features, the Titan Pro4X will also have upgrades to its off-roading capability.

Some of these upgrades, according to CarBuzz, include new Bilstein shocks, hill descent control, and an electronic locking rear differential.

Will this new trim be successful?

It’s hard to tell how successful this new Pro4X trim for the Titan will be. CarBuzz didn’t report any potential price tag for this Titan trim, though the Raptor in comparison starts at about $55,000. The price for this Titan trim will matter, but there are also other factors to consider. 

Ford and Chevy fans, in particular, are known for being loyal to their car brand. One of the many reasons why the Raptor has been such a huge success was due to the love and support that Ford fans gave it.

While Nissan definitely has its fans, Ford is undoubtedly a larger company than Nissan is in the U.S., and as a result, Ford definitely has more fans than Nissan does. 

So, the Titan Pro4X, while it will probably be great at off-roading, has an uphill battle in store for it. It’s clearly competing against the Raptor, but it’s not clear if it’s better than the Raptor in areas that customers care about.

Regardless, this new Titan trim is still some stiff competition that will encourage Ford to keep improving the Raptor.  


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