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When shopping for a new car, midsize sedans are a popular option. The midsize class offers more space and comfort than compact vehicles while still offering sleek, popular designs. Among the popular midsize cars, the Honda Accord is a true fan favorite.

Honda’s reputation for reliable, comfortable vehicles remains paramount through the years. Despite the Accord’s popularity, however, the Nissan Altima was more popular than the Honda Accord for a few months in 2020. 

The Nissan Altima rises in popularity

There is no shortage of reasons for the Nissan Altima’s current popularity. According to Nissan, the 2021 Altima model comes fully loaded with features to impress any car enthusiast.

The midsize sedan offers ample space with a large trunk that expands thanks to a 60/40 rear seat. The car’s interior is equally spacious, which is just one of the features that ensure a comfortable ride for both drivers and passengers.

Before even entering the Altima, smart technology adjusts the car’s temperature providing ultimate comfort. The temperature can even be adjusted differently for the front and rear passengers, allowing everyone a ride at their personal comfort level. 

The comfort guaranteed by the Altima’s design combined with cutting edge technology and performance components makes the car comfortable and a joy to drive.

The 2021 Altima is available with the first VC-Turbo engine. The engine’s technology doesn’t rely on a fixed compression ratio. Instead, it automatically adjusts to provide the most efficient performance in any condition. The innovative technology keeps the Altima’s fuel efficiency at an impressive 34 MPG on highways. 

Sales numbers were varied throughout the year

The Altima’s new improvements saw impressive first-quarter sales in 2020. According to Car and Driver, the Nissan Altima sold more units than the popular Honda Accord in the first quarter.

Unfortunately, Altima’s second quarter was not nearly as strong. At the end of the year, Nissan finished selling 137,998 Altimas, putting it at 22 on the Car and Driver’s top 25 cars, trucks, and SUVs list for 2020. By comparison, the Honda Accord rounded out the year selling 199,458 units, placing number 17 on the same list. 

Despite both the Accord and Altima achieving sales that earned each car places on the top 25 list, both saw significantly lower sales in 2020 than in 2019. The Accord’s sales were down 20%. By contrast, Altima’s sales fared even worse, dropping 34%.

Of course, the 2020 pandemic did play a factor in the downturn. Experts estimate sales were down 15% across the industry, with cars faring worse than their truck and SUV counterparts.

The sales volume is the lowest the car industry has seen since 2012. Luckily, 2021’s future looks brighter for the world as well as the car industry. 

Reasons to consider the Nissan Altima

Although the Nissan Altima did not sell as many units as the Honda Accord in 2020, numerous advantages consider a second glance. The Altima boasts all-wheel drive (AWD).

Traditionally this feature is only seen in larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. AWD allows the Altima to navigate changing road conditions, including rain, snow, and ice. For drivers who seek AWD’s peace of mind while preferring smaller vehicles, the Nissan Altima is an excellent option. 

Other reasons to consider the Nissan Altima are the intuitive driver’s assist, superior BOSE sound system, and cutting edge connectivity features. The Altima keeps you connected with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Driver’s Assist options include ProPilot, which innovative technology keeps drivers safe while navigating highways.

Other features aid in detecting lane-departure and blind-spot warnings. All around the Nissan Altima is a car that combines comfort, safety, and technology that make driving pleasurable while ensuring safety. 


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