The Nissan Altima Is More Popular Than the Honda Civic in These Cities

The type of vehicles Americans love to drive is evolving. These days, more drivers prefer crossovers and SUVs. While there are fewer sedans on the road, that doesn’t mean all drivers are willing to give up their sedans for an SUV or truck. There’s still a large number of drivers who love sedans. One sedan that remains popular today is the Nissan Altima. Not only are Altima sales still strong, but there are also several cities where the Nissan Altima is a favorite vehicle for used car shoppers.

Cities that love the Nissan Altima

While the Nissan Altima might not enjoy nationwide popularity there are some areas where it’s the preferred vehicle. Cities that have more registered Nissan Altima models than any other city include:

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Birmingham, Al
  • Fresno-Visalia, CA
  • Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Memphis, TN

Compared to the 7 cities in which the Nissan Altima is the most popular sedan, the Honda Civic comes up short by leading in just 6 different cities. While it’s difficult to fully understand why the Nissan Altima is such a popular choice amongst drivers in these cities, the different locations do share some characteristics with one another.

First, these are warm cities that experience minimal snowfall. The lack of snow and questionable wintertime road conditions makes features like ground clearance and four-wheel drive less important to drivers, allowing them to focus on other features. 

Another trait that all of these cities share is a limited amount of parking. In an effort to create as much parking as possible, these cities use parking garages, which often have tight parking spaces that are better suited for sedans than SUVs or even crossovers. Another reason the Altima might be such a popular car choice in these cities could be because the cities have a high number of rideshare drivers, all of whom need a reliable and efficient vehicle.

Why Nissan Altima has enjoyed so much popularity 

Why do some drivers prefer the Nissan Altima over the Honda Civic? Most drivers are initially attracted to the Nissan Altima’s sleek appearance, which bears a striking resemblance to luxury sedans. 

Drivers who have lengthy commute are attracted to the Nissan Altima because it gets good gas mileage for a vehicle and still provides the driver with a reasonable amount of cargo storage. The interior is big enough to comfortably accommodate five passengers, and there’s enough trunk space for a great deal of luggage, lots of band equipment, etc.

The size and fuel efficiency and durability of the interior make it a good choice for anyone who frequently travels with dogs. The size and fuel efficiency also make it an excellent choice for rideshare drivers. 

Exceptional durability

Nissan shows off their Altima at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) at the Cobo Center
The Nissan Altima | Scott Olson/Getty Images

As a rule, a driver will get several years of enjoyment out of their Nissan Altima before they’re faced with any major repairs. The vehicle has simple requirements, allowing the driver to take advantage of budget-friendly oil changes, tires, and repairs.

Edmunds estimates that drivers who purchase a Nissan Altima will only spend about $683 on repairs during the first five years they own the vehicle. Another high point is that when the vehicle does require a repair, it can be brought to any mechanic and doesn’t have to be taken to a Nissan dealership for repairs. The durability of the Altima makes it a solid choice for drivers who want a reliable car but who don’t like purchasing a new car every few years. As long as they take care of their Altima, there is no reason they can’t get 15 or even 20 years out of the vehicle.

Drivers who love technology and having access to the latest thing love how Nissan is good about incorporating the latest driving technology into the Altima and other vehicles almost as soon as it becomes available. Not only does this technology improve fuel efficiency, but it can also reduce road noise and improve driver satisfaction. 

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and don’t feel that an SUV or crossover is the right choice, you should take a long look at the Nissan Altima.