The Nissan 350Z Is Likely to End Up Giving you a Speeding Ticket

We all want a car that’s fun to drive — but if it’s a little too much fun, it’s easy to start speeding without even realizing it. Some cars are more likely than others to result in speeding tickets for their owners, and the Nissan 350Z is one of them, according to MotorTrend. But what exactly is it about the 350Z that provides such an irresistible driving experience?

The Nissan 350Z’s surprisingly high number of speeding violations

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A notably high 14.65 percent of Nissan 350Z drivers have a speeding violation. This is 29 percent above the national average, which is certainly striking, and it’s likely due in large part to the 350Z’s agile handling.

This old-school vehicle was replaced by the 370Z in 2009. While it was still being produced, the 350Z came with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that made 306 hp. A six-speed manual option was available, making the 350Z a more fun, more appealing choice for folks who enjoy the extra control they get from driving stick.

An impressive performance

The Nissan 350Z can get from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, and it can go from 70 mph to a complete standstill in just 164 feet. Its speed maxes out at 156 mph, and it can complete a quarter-mile in 14.1 seconds when traveling at 101 mph. 

According to Car and Driver, these numbers are similar to what you could expect from a Porsche Boxster S. Of course, while the Boxster S had a whopping $90,000 price tag in the early 2000s, the base 350Z came in at just around $26,809. Even the upper trims of the 350Z cost just $34,619. This made the Nissan significantly more accessible to the general public, meaning that a much larger swath of the population was able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle with the same level of power as a Porsche.

Car and Driver also notes that the location of the 350Z’s engine is a factor in its excellent performance. The platform used for this vehicle is a slightly modified version of Nissan’s FM, or front-mid engine, platform. With the engine located behind the center line of the front wheels, the 350Z has a good weight distribution that makes it even more fun to drive.

The advantages of the 350Z

Reviewers from Car and Driver call the Nissan 350Z “a very satisfying drive with terrific control feel.” It handles corners well, but it’s also swift and sure on straight stretches of road, which likely contributes to the high number of speeding violations 350Z drivers have accumulated. 

This vehicle accelerates smoothly, with highly responsive brakes and a precise shifter. The pedals also allow for easy heel-and-toe shifting.

Test drivers also rave about the 350Z’s steering, which they call “direct, linear, and beautifully weighted.” It is immensely responsive while still providing a comforting feeling of firmness and stability. This makes it very easy to speed around corners with a sense of full control.

Additionally, the 350Z has firm suspension. Even on rough roads, the seats remain comfortable and the occupants will barely feel the bumps.

The cabin is also quiet and nicely designed. While it may not have the stylish features of pricier luxury options, it is comfortable and tasteful, full of classy details such as cast aluminum door handles.

Although the Nissan 350Z may be an older vehicle, it’s easy to see why its drivers could get a little carried away on the road. Its amazingly smooth acceleration, firm suspension, and responsive steering make for a fun and exciting driving experience — just as long as you stay mindful of speed limits.