The Next McLaren F1 Will Be a ‘Hyper-GT’ Hybrid

McLaren F1
Details on the next McLaren F1 suggest a more road-worthy car is in the works | McLaren

How do you follow up a legendary road car that once topped speeds that Le Mans racers couldn’t touch? In the department of McLaren Special Operations (actual name), the plan is creating a “Hyper-GT” that will also be the most luxurious car the brand ever created. Running on a hybrid powertrain, this F1 successor will again deliver massive power and even give drivers enough range to cover the trip from, say, Monaco to Barcelona without stopping for gas.

McLaren confirmed the next F1 will go into production as BP23 (Bespoke Project 2 with three seats) in a batch of 106 units. Obviously, it will retain the three-seat layout with the driver front and center and two passengers behind. Like F1, BP23 also will feature a carbon fiber body. The automaker released only the slightest hint of the upcoming vehicle’s form.

McLaren BP23 teaser November 2016
Teaser for McLaren BP23 | McLaren

To calm the fears of those troubled by the suggestion of exquisite crafting and road comforts, McLaren noted its supercar will deliver “the high levels of performance and driver engagement expected” of the brand. Don’t worry about power or handling; they just want to make it capable of distance driving and significantly more comfortable.

BP23 would theoretically improve upon the F1’s 10 MPG performance when maxing out its power. Even with a 19.8-gallon tank, drivers couldn’t travel to an out-of-the-way track without filling up somewhere along the way.

A road-friendly F1

McLaren P1
McLaren P1 | McLaren

McLaren already did a hybrid (the plug-in P1), but it peaked at 17 MPG and could only cover about 300 miles on a full tank. The goal here would probably be to get BP23 somewhere closer to 500 miles, and maybe we’ll see more battery power if the weight will allow it. Even running on electric-gas power, the best P1 could do was 18 MPGe, for anyone who ever cared to measure.

Purists could fear McLaren was inching toward other small-batch automakers with concessions to “refinement” and the word “bespoke” in the name itself. Indeed, designers will allow the 106 buyers to customize this Hyper-GT to their taste. Judging by the production plans, chances are only a handful of people reading these words will ever have the chance.

Already sold out

McLaren F1
McLaren F1 | McLaren

The 106 cars McLaren will make for 2019 are already pre-sold, so let the speculation about future owners begin. (Among owners of F1, Elon Musk is a name that jumps out at most people.) Prices will easily top $1 million, but the main trick here is being lucky enough to even have a chance to pay it. When you announce the bidding is over before it begins …

For what it’s worth, McLaren said this future car would have the same dihedral doors as other models but they “will be powered … with apertures extending into the roof” for the first time. So BP23, successor to F1, will be a supercar that can spend its days tearing up competition on the track while doubling as a comfortable travel vessel for parties of three. Funny, we can’t find any references to comfort in the original reviews.

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