The Newmar Bay Star Sport Gives You a Lot for Your Money

When it comes to exploring in an RV or motorhome, there isn’t a bigger model than the Class A. These behemoth homes on wheels usually come with a robust list of amenities that may seem fit only for the likes of celebrities or chart-topping bands. So, it may not come as a surprise that these luxury motorhomes also come with pretty sizable price tags.

As more Americans look for ways to vacation safely, RVs and motorhomes are gaining in popularity. Those luxury Class A varieties can be appealing as individuals and families look for the ‘on the road’ lifestyle that’s as close to home life as possible. And if you’re looking for a model that offers the most for the money, the Newmar Bay Star Sport is one motorhome you need to consider.

Impressive specs and features

The Newmar Bay Star Sport is getting an upgrade for 2021. This most popular motorcoach is now being built exclusively on the Ford F-Series Class A Motorhome Chassis. Powering this home on wheels is a 7.3-liter V8 engine, harnessing 350 horses. This 2021 model is also 30 pounds lighter than the previous model years.

There are new heavy-duty sway bars, offering smooth handling and balance. The automatic overdrive transmission is Ford’s TorqShift, making navigating this motorcoach easy and simplified. The 2021 Newmar Bay Star Sport is now also fitted with a cargo liner, 5/8″ bead foam, and 5/8″ floor decking.

This Class A motorhome sets the gold standard

Aside from the impressive specs for the Bay Star Sport, there are a host of additional extras and amenities. This motorcoach sets the bar high by offering eight different floor plans that include every innovative feature and luxury touch point. Roomy cabinets and pantries are just the beginning. Some plans offer hardwood floors and various kitchen appliances, including cooktops, microwaves, and refrigerators. There are stainless steel sinks and even a master suite, with designer, queen-sized bedding. The Bay Star Sport offers the gold standard in RV’ing comfort and luxury.

When getting bang for your buck matters

For anyone considering a motorcoach and lifestyle on the go, the Class A model RV is worth a look. The price points will, of course, be higher than some of the smaller or camper-style pull behind versions. But when you invest in a Newmar Bay Star Sport, you are getting more bang for your road-warrior buck. It’s a motorcoach that offers some of the most upscale and luxury extras, at a moderate price for the Class A range of MSRPs. So much so that named it the award winner for its Top 10 Bang-for-Your-Buck RVs.

Some of the standard equipment includes LED televisions in both living areas and bedroom spaces. There are Rearview Colored Monitor Systems, side-view cameras, and Harman/JBL 180-watt sound systems. There is a Winegard Digital TV antenna, ten fire extinguishers, and a satellite dish prep on the roof. This, in addition to the impressive specs, power, and quality materials, makes the Newmar Bay Star Sport worth every penny.

How much does a Newmar Bay Star Sport cost?


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So, when you decide you’re ready to take the plunge and buy a Newmar Bay Star Sport, you can expect a six-digit price tag. A 2021 Bay Star Sport 2702 will start anywhere from $136,728 and run upwards of $149,000, according to RV Trader. So for an average monthly payment of almost $850, it might feel more like a mortgage payment than a recreational vehicle payment. But remember, with the Bay Star Sport, you’re getting a whole lot of RV for that price.

If you have been considering the notion of investing in a new RV with plans to spend a reasonable amount of time traveling in it, the Newmar Bay Star Sport won’t disappoint. You may end up paying more for one, but you’ll certainly get plenty of amenities for the money.