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Most of the time, we discuss stories and tips about vehicles designed for the general public. But, when we recently came across a story about a newly designed military truck, we just had to share.

Firstly, thank you to all who currently serve or have served in our armed forces. For you, and everyone else, we dove into this recent New York Times article about this new monster military vehicle. We had to learn more and wanted to uncover one huge perk the troops absolutely love about it.

Humvee needs and gets an upgrade

A JLTV U.S. military truck driving in the desert.
A U.S. joint light tactical vehicle (JLTV) | DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP via Getty Images

On the battlefields of yesterday, a Jeep was the preferred military vehicle of choice. In the ’70s, the government conceived of a new variation of an off-road capable beast, and the Humvee was born.

While the Humvee has proven to be useful on the front lines, soldiers were ready for a roomier and powerful upgrade. They needed something that would be more user-friendly. The Pentagon has been listening, and the Humvee’s replacement is finally here.

This military truck is designed for front-line beast mode

The Army is testing out the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV, and soldiers are ecstatic. This 340-hp utility vehicle is already proving to be smarter, safer, and better equipped than its Humvee predecessor.

It is loaded with ballistic protective armor for increased safety in ambush situations. It’s designed to be one-third lighter and up to 70% faster than the sluggish MRAP vehicles. Set to begin landing at U.S. military bases in the spring, the JLTV may just be the answer to all our servicemen and women’s wishes.

What the JLTV brings to the soldiers’ arsenal

This military asset vehicle is loaded with front line-focused features. Officials set out to solve problems in the field, synchronize much-needed tech, and even bring a little comfort and convenience to the soldiers’ daily traveling.


The JLTV comes equipped with tech that communicates with global military assets, including fighter jets and drones. Common sun visors are now night-vision enhanced.


This military truck is made for ultimate success in combat situations. But on the inside, there are a few comfort enhancements for the occupants, as well. Seats that accommodate bulky backpacks and body armor have soldiers grinning ear to ear. They’re also praising the upgraded air conditioning, that so far works well in the summer heat.


The JLTV is smarter, making it safer to navigate. With all that armor, it’s built with an automatic leveling feature to distribute the vehicle’s weight. This is a huge perk when passengers operate 400-pound doors, often in a hurry.

In addition to being militarily equipped, there are a few extras that servicemen and women are raving about the most.

The one feature the troops love

The monster JLTV is making off-road terrain almost fun to drive. Those military professionals who have taken it for a spin, say this hearty all-terrain vehicle practically begs to conquer.

But, there are a few creature comforts they love the most. In addition to backup cameras and phone charging plugs, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle has one particular feature that the Humvee did not — built-in cup holders.

Spending increased hours over long deployments in the former, cramped confines of the Humvee, not having a cup holder would become more than an inconvenient aggravation. Soldiers are raving as they not only have one but two cup holders in the new military truck.

The troops are eager to get behind the wheel of these new JLTV’s. It’s the perfect blend of heavy-weight protection and all-terrain performance. If that’s not enough to get our soldiers excited, the cup holders certainly are.