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Toyota’s new 2023 Sequoia Hybrid is gaining fans for its comfort, off-road prowess, and its good looks. But it’s also making its mark with great mpg compared to the 2022 version. The new 2023 Sequoia ditches its V8 and instead gets a new hybridized V6 that shows the power of a hybrid  to boost the mpg of this large, three-row, SUV.

What is the mpg for the new 2023 Toyota Sequoia?

A 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro hybrid SUV navigates a watery terrain.
2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro | Toyota

The 2022 Sequoia was fine, but it was old technology. It was based on the last generation of Toyota Tundra truck, which means it got that truck’s 381-horsepower V8. The new Sequoia, though, gets Toyota’s i-FORCE MAX powertrain, which is a much more efficient twin-turbo hybrid.

The 2023 Sequoia Hybrid mpg is a totally respectable 21 mpg city, 24 mpg highway. Last year’s version got a dismal 13 mpg city and 17 mpg on the highway. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, which rates the efficiency of vehicles, that means you save a lot of money. The annual fuel cost for the 2022 Sequoia is $3,550, while it’s just $2,400 on the new 2023 Sequoia hybrid.

What is the Toyota i-FORCE MAX engine?

Big SUV and truck buyers ask a lot of their engines, and big power is only part of it. The i-FORCE MAX uses turbochargers and a unique hybrid system paired to a 3.5-liter V6. When Toyota launched the i-FORCE MAX V6 engine, it was understandable that many would be skeptical. However, the engine is so revolutionary that Wards Automotive named it on its 10 Best Engines and Propulsion Systems of 2022.

The Tundra’s i-FORCE MAX engine makes 437 horsepower and 583 lb.-ft of torque in the full-sized Tundra truck and the 2023 Sequoia, compared to 381 hp for the old V8. The top engine in the Supra, Toyota’s sports car, makes a comparatively paltry 382 horsepower. That big power in the i-FORCE MAX isn’t just powerful, it gets better gas mileage than V8s.  It can also tow up to $9,520 pounds.

Great Sequoia Hybrid 2023 MPG is just the start of what else is new in the 2023 Sequoia.

EPA gas mileage stats
Gas mileage for the 2023 and 2022 Sequoia |

The 2023 Sequoia is so different from the 2022, it’s hard to believe it has the same name. The old Sequoia has an old-style dash that has acres of boring plastic and a seven-inch touchscreen that looks much smaller than that because the rest of the dash is so big. The new three-row Sequoia has a standard 12.-inch screen and an available 14-inch touchscreen located in a better position. It also has a suite of cameras that show you a trailer, or a split view of the trailer and hitch.

How much will the 2023 Sequoia cost?

The new Sequoia starts at $58,300. The base version comes with an 8-inch touchscreen, a moonroof, and Toyota Safety Sense is standard. Moving up to the $64,700 Limited trim adds the all-important heated seats, and SofTex trim. The off-road ready TRD Pro version starts at $76,00 and comes with special FOX brand shocks. If you want to impress your neighbors, though, the Capstone version is $75,300 and comes with a host of luxury touches like power running boards and leather seats.  


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