The New Mercedes Concept Might Leave Tesla 155 Miles Behind

Mercedes has been making some waves lately across the auto world. Maybe the biggest news was the teasing of this new EV that promises to shatter the EV range record by a country mile. We don’t know much about the new Mercedes concept yet, but here’s what we do know. 

The waiting is the hardest part

At an investor conference, according to Gear Patrol, Mercedes mentioned its plan to become leaders in the EV marketplace with a teaser image of a new EV concept. The luxury German marque hasn’t said much yet, but they did give us a name, the Mercedes Vision EQXX. Maybe not the sexiest name, even feels a little cold, but Mercedes is making a pretty big promise with the range capabilities of this concept. 

Mercedes Vision EQXX Concept teaser
Mercedes Vision EQXX Concept teaser | Daimler

The Journey

Mercedes suggested the Vision EQXX will make its maiden journey from Beijing to Shanghai on a single charge. As pointed out by Gear Patrol, these two megacities are just over 750 miles apart from one another. That has rather massive implications for the EV market as a whole. 

If Mercedes can make good on the concept car covering this distance in a single charge, that will blow the major EV companies maximum ranges out of the water. 


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Mercedes isn’t totally new to the wild EV concept realm. The Vision EQS concept jumped from the stage to real roads and got people pretty excited. I hope we see a similar dedication to the EQXX from Mercedes.

How does the Mercedes Vision EQXX stack up?

Range anxiety is a serious counterforce for many people to accept EVs into their hearts and minds fully. Although ranges have grown a lot over the past few years, there is still the looming thought of sitting for 45 minutes to an hour while waiting for your EV to charge. 

Tesla breaking the 400-mile mark was a big deal and a major step for the EV market. Lucid came in and said the Air could do a little over 500 miles on a single charge prodding Tesla to make sure the Model S Plaid could squeeze three miles further from a single charge, making the overall range 520 miles. 

If what Mercedes is planning for EQXX can actually be done, it will blast those previous records by some other EVs maximum range.

But is it enough?

Let’s be clear; concept cars are very fun and exciting. Sometimes, a feature or two will actually see the light of a clear blue morning, but mostly they are for publicity and marketing. Someone from Mercedes said, “While Vision EQXX is a technology program, it is expected to result in innovations that will quickly make their way into series-produced cars,” the company said in a statement.” If some of that massive range can make its way to a production Merc EV, then we have plenty to be excited about. For now, we will have to wait and see.