The new Maserati MC20 Is a Thing of Dreams

Whether you are a fan of Maserati cars or not, there are a few reasons the MC20 should have your attention. Sure, this car will be super low production and be so rare that you might never actually see it in person. In fact, even if you did see it in person, chances are it will be so outrageously priced that most people couldn’t afford it. But, when it comes to rare exotic cars, some of them make great dreams, and the new Maserati MC20 is definitely dreamy.

Introducing the Maserati MC20

This year, Maserati released the newest addition to their supercar lineup, and they claim it will be a start of a new era for the company. The Maserati family is proud to say this car is 100% manufactured in Modena, Italy, but that is far from the coolest thing about it. In fact, the engineering and design team has a few tricks under their belt, and the car that they produced will make you a Maserati fan if you aren’t already.

Maserati MC20 | Maserati

Surprising performance

You don’t just get to call yourself a supercar unless you have the performance to back it up. As mean as the Maserati MC20 looks, it’s even meaner on the track. Under the hood, you will find a V6 engine supported by two turbochargers, and combined with the rear-wheel-drive output you won’t be disappointed stepping on the gas pedal. It has a max speed of around 200mph, and while that doesn’t make it the fastest car in the world, it’s fast than most people will ever drive.

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Driver-oriented luxury

There might be two seats within the cabin of the Maserati MC20, but the passenger might be feeling a little bit left out. The dashboard and center console are all oriented to be driver-first. Everything is within comfortable reach once you’ve settled down into the driver’s seat, and you might even feel like you’re in a true cockpit. The driving experience is designed to replicate a true race car, including one from the brand’s own racing history, the Maserati MC12.

Even more importantly, there is a strong duality between the MC20 and MC12, even just in what the cars mean. The MC12 was the turning point in Maserati’s racing heritage, and there is a lot of reason to believe that the MC20 will be also. If you love a car with history, performance, and passion, then the new Maserati MC20 should be your new dream car.

Maserati MC20 | Maserati
Maserati MC20 | Maserati

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If you find yourself bored with your old dream cars, have no fear. The new Maserati MC20 might just make it’s way into your dreams, and if it does, we won’t blame you. While we may never seen the MC20 in real life, that could be part of what makes it a true dream car.