The New Kia Logo Is Crooked – It’s Ok We See It Too

Rebranding and refreshes are an ongoing process for any company trying to remain current and fresh. Kia has been on a rebranding campaign for the past year and has recently undergone a slightly underwhelming name change and gotten a new logo. Some automakers like Ford haven’t changed their logo in what feels like, ever. It’s a risky thing to do. What happens if you go through the trouble only to find your new logo has a typo or is, oh, I don’t know, uh, crooked or something? 

Is the new Kia logo crooked? 

Yep. As the folks at The Drive have so kindly pointed out, the new Kia logo looks a bit… off. The new logo results from a massive rebranding effort that will not fully materialize until the year 2025 with an all-new line of EVs. However, we are here to look at this new logo. 

At first glance, it looks like a “K” and a backwards “N.” There is a vertical line in the middle that is clearly meant to be the “I,” which leaves the rest of the lines to be the “A”. This is clearly the work of some design house that got paid piles of cash to design a logo, and they wanted something cool and edgy. I get it. What I don’t get is why it looks a little crooked. 

The Drive was equally (if not more) concerned as we are. It is their in-depth, journalistic research that I am referencing to guarantee that you never look at the new Kia logo the same ever again. Sorry, not sorry. 

Let’s consult the science or math or something…

The Drive made up some guidelines to act as our template to see how straight or otherwise this new logo really is. The perfectly-straight lines show that the tips of the “K” and the “A” go beyond the border of these lines. Not only that, but they extend past the lines at varying degrees. The lines show us specifically what is drawing our eyes, but the overall effect is that the whole thing feels canted.

Kia made a new logo and it s a little wonky
Kia’s new logo | The Drive

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Frankly, it’s hard to believe that Kia would let something like this slip past with the number of executive eyes on it before it was published. The Drive supposes that it is merely a margin of error type thing. Kia figured the “error” was negligible enough to not be noticeable, like how Tom Cruise’s top teeth are not centered on his face. It’s subtle enough to likely never notice, but once you do, you can never unsee it (you’re welcome.) 

Kia is moving forward with the new badge regardless

Whether this was a design choice or an oversight, the logo is live and will soon be on cars and the new badge. I do not doubt that the logo’s wonkiness will be as indistinguishable as a bald fish on the cars themselves. 

A Kia logo shown on the front of a car
A Kia logo seen on the front of a car as a comparison | Mark Renders/Getty Images

As I mentioned, this is not the only piece of Kia’s rebranding tapestry. In October of 2020, Kia announced its “Plan S,” which stands for “shift.” Kia is planning a move from fossil-fuel power to a company that makes mostly EVs. Between the end of 2020 and 2025, Kia promises 11 new EV models. That is an astounding number. Most manufacturers barely get two or three new models in a five-year period. 

Kia is going on in on Plan S, and the weird, crooked logo is only the beginning. I nearly forgot to mention that along with the new logo and badge, Kia has dropped the “motors” from the name and is now simply “Kia.” The new Kia is coming in lean, mean, and a little bit off.