The New Jeep Grand Wagoneer: Classic Americana Reimagined

 The return of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer is Jeep’s entry into the modern, ultra-luxury SUV realm. The Grand Wagoneer will have a starting price tag of $60K and range to over $100K. With the Grand Grand Wagoneer, Jeep has the opportunity to unite its past and future.

The Grand Wagoneer is luxury reimagined 

A white Jeep Grand Wagoneer is seen parked on a driveway before a garage
2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept | Jeep

Some enthusiasts questioned if the Grand Wagoneer would live up to expectations. But based on Jeep’s recent unveiling, the new SUV will offer plenty of luxurious amenities. A new hybrid powertrain will be part of the lineup too. Currently, the Grand Wagoneer is still a concept; it will enter production in 2021 and officially launch as a 2022 model. 

The Grand Wagoneer’s “reimagined utility” uniquely blends lavishness and sustainability, even in the smaller details. For instance, its car cabin will feature natural raw aluminum and recycled microfiber suede headliner. In addition to incorporating more green materials, Jeep wanted to make sure the Wagoneer lineup had a dateless design, so sorry, no wood paneling. In a recent AutoNews report, Ralph Gilles, the global design leader for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said that the Grand Wagoneer should look good for many years to come.

“One decision we made right from the beginning is let’s make this thing modern,” Gilles said. “Let’s make it timeless; let’s make sure that it looks great, for many, many years. That was one thing, but at the same time, how can we make something American, something undeniably from our roots as a country?”


Redesigning an icon

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The new Grand Wagoneer will have  infotainment screens for the driver and passenger.
Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept | Jeep

Gilles admitted that the design team felt intimidated by the idea of recreating a vehicle associated with classic Americana. Back in 2013, the FCA  product planning team connected with restoration companies that revived old-school Wagoneers. But the company knew it couldn’t rely solely on its past for future success. 

As we mentioned earlier, the Grand Wagoneer’s cabin proves that Jeep’s futuristic planning is worth the fuss. The new SUV will have the industry’s first passenger infotainment screen. This 10-25-inch display will allow a passenger to share destinations with the driver and privately watch movies. 

The new Wagoneer models present additional growth

2022 Grand Jeep Wagoneer Concept driving on street.
2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept | Jeep

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Upon its unveiling, some onlookers were surprised by the Grand Wagoneer’s high price tags, but that’s intentional. Company heads acknowledged that Jeep presents Grand Cherokees and Wranglers in the luxury price range, but lacked an extravagant model that offers three rows. That said, the new Grand Wagoneer will compete with the likes of the Cadillac Escalade the Lincoln Navigator, and Range Rover. 

“We got some work to do to re-explain what the brand is about, to explain as well that the product has evolved to a position which is not where it was 30 or 40 years ago,” Christian Meunier, Jeep’s global president, said. “Premium in 2020 is not premium in 1970, in terms of technology, in terms of craftsmanship [and] attention to detail. We’ve taken the Wagoneer brand two levels above where it was.”