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Cadillac is making a big deal of customization in the new $300,000 electric Celestiq super sedan. But how custom can you make it? It looks like the answer to that is, how much ya’ got?

Cadillac now says that if you’re one of the lucky ones to be able to order a Celestiq, then you can have it customized at the new General Motors Global Technical Campus in Warren Michigan where it just opened the new Cadillac House at Vanderbilt. It’s a new facility dedicated to individualizing Celestiques.

Every Celestiq is custom

Cadillac Celestiq interior | GM

You don’t just saunter on down to your local Caddy dealer and buy a Celestiq. No way. You order it in and then you get to customize almost everything in the car. That is, if you got your order in early as they’re sold out for 2024.

Cadillac named the new House at Vanderbilt for designer Suzanne Vanderbily who was one of a few women working in automotive design in the 19509s. She designed a 1958 Eldorado Seville Coupe called the Baroness and the Cadillac Saxony convertible, and earned two patents for her work on safer vehicle interiors. However, she did work at the company through some of its darkest years before retiring in 1977, according to Cadillac.

What happens at Cadillac House at Vanderbilt?

At the Cadillac House you can pick colors, wheels, and materials for you bespoke Calestiq.
Architectural interior rendering of the completed Cadillac House at Vanderbilt | Cadillac

Anyone who buys a Celestiq can virtually customize their car. But, “selected clients,” Cadillac says, will get led through a design consultation process by a concierge to help them make, presumably, tasteful decisions on their Celecsiq.

“From start to finish, the process is meticulously curated,” said Melissa Grady Dias, global chief marketing officer, Cadillac. “And regardless of where clients choose to collaborate with the Cadillac team, we will offer an extraordinary variety of commission options, ensuring every desire for their vehicle can be fulfilled. Each CELESTIQ is tailored to reflect its owner’s tastes, which are conveyed directly to the design team.”

The kinds of folks who order a $300,000 car probably will expect this level of attention.

What can you customize on the Celestiq?

Cadillac has created four themes of Celestiq to show you the possibilities in this super sedan. While the exteriors will presumably be offered in almost any color you can imagine in custom paint, the interior is where the magic happens. In the Aurora, Mist, Vale and Magnetic themes that Cadillac is using to show off some of the options, the sheer number of colors and materials is mind boggling.

The Mist, for example, has Venus Wood, whatever that is, but it looks amazing with mid-century modern striations of white and whiter white, as well as brushed metal trim. In the Aurora, you can get what Cadillac calls “Uranus Newspaper” trim, but that looks like wooden tiles from a country estate. It would be a unique choice, for sure.

What is the Celestiq?

A blue 2024 Cadillac Celestiq.
2024 Cadillac Celestiq | Getty Images

The Cadillac Celestiq is Cadlillac’s return to making bespoke vehicles. Today, we look at many Caddies as tarted-up Buicks, but there was a time when Cadillac called itself “The Standard of the World,” and it could have been. The cars were assembled by Cadillac and then often sent off to custom coachbuilders, like Fisher, for to finish them. They were basically an engine and frame, and a coachbuilder would do the rest.

The Celestiq should be the ultimate expression o GM’s new Ultium-based car. That powertrain, however, is the one thing that’s not customizable. The all-electric Celestiq is expected to make about 600 horsepower and have a 300-mile range. We expect this ultimate Caddy it to lift Cadillac’s prestige and put it back in the league with other hyper-luxury brands, like Bentley and Rolls Royce.


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