The New Batmobile Looks Like A Hacked Heap

Yeah, so the engine for the new Batmobile in the upcoming Batman movie is in the rear. We hope Batman has had experience with 1970s 911s or Corvairs. That extreme understeer-to- whipsaw-oversteer in a split-second is a bitch. And it will take some real skill to do those quick end-to-end alleys turns with that lunk of iron out back. Does the new Batmobile really need to look like a hacked heap?

We don’t know when the setting is for this latest Batman epilogue but if it’s current or future who can afford cutting up Dodge Chargers? This isn’t the Dukes of Hazzard. Even a shell is going to cost 10-grand. 

It could have been a beat F-150 without the hacked look

2020 Batmobile-
2020 Batmobile | DC Comics

They could have started with some beat Ford F-150 and done a mid-engine deal so the weight is evenly spread out. A Triton or Viper V10 in one of those thick, heavy truck frames could take a beating and nitrous out of danger in a flash. 

Anyway, it’s hard to tell what’s going on with the engine other than it has got stuff piled onto the heads with four coil packs per side bonked onto the valve covers. Maybe it’s supposed to look like some overhead cam deal but again, it’s hard to see in the crappy lighting. 

The last few Batmobiles looked like earth scrapers but black instead of yellow

1973 Javelins | FCA
1973 AMC Javelins | FCA

The last few Batmobiles looked more like earth scrapers in black instead of Caterpillar yellow. So this is a welcome improvement over those. Why some ginormous vehicle would be the answer to Batman’s transportation needs was dumb. At least this looks to be the size of a car/truck thing which is more nimble, easy to maintain, and doesn’t look like a Caterpillar earth scraper. 

With those peaked fenders, it looks like the designers might have started with the last of the AMC Javelins. If they did that makes sense. You can buy running versions for a few grand. Those old American Motors cars were built like trucks, right down to the giant door gaps and mismatched body panels. Tolerances in those days were measured within an inch or two.

W#e think Batman would want something much more exotic-looking

2020 Batmobile | DC Comics

Rather than have all of those industrial vents and cut off body panels I would think Batman would want something more exotic? Or maybe something that looked exotic but was easy to maintain? Something like a Lamborghini Miura or Ferrari 308 GTB-but with an LS motor stabbed into it. I know it’s blasphemous but it’s the movies. They could even say the body is a carbon fiber copy because why not? Does this chopped off Charger whatever look better than a Miura to you?  

I know a designer’s urge is to get all designy and clever and in this case apocalyptic-looking. But seriously, why not use some logic and think like Batman or one of the Trekkies that will pay $20 to watch this? Exotic is, well exotic. A beat-up old Charger is a cut-up heap. Batman doesn’t want to be driving a hacked heap.

OK, this is what Batman should drive

2020 Batmobile-
2020 Batmobile | DC Comics

After noodling this for the last few minutes here’s what Batman should have; a 345 Ferrari with an LS swap. That’s sort of cheap-exotic and easy to work on. Not like Miura-expensive. Any Napa Auto Parts store will have anything Batman needs in case of a breakdown. They’re lightweight and good to look at. Paint it black for that continuity and call it a day. Move on to the next prop and be happy. This isn’t rocket science. Batman needs a cool-looking, fast, reliable car. Not a truck.