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The last time the Ram refreshed its trucks was 2019. The fifth-generation Ram 1500 was brought out with a new front end, a new frame, and the eTorque mild hybrid engines. The big news in 2019 was that the trucks were a lot lighter, and the new trucks had an even nicer interior with a 12-inch screen on the dash. But we’re expecting a new 2023 Ram truck to feature even more tech and a new design.

The new truck still looks like a Ram

The new spy shots are of the new truck from GM Authority and Autoblog show a full-sized 3500 heavy-duty truck. To the casual observer, it looks like a Ram truck. But, to truck nerds like us, we can see a slightly different grille and some little trim changes here and there. But the big news is expected to be on the inside, where the truck is reportedly getting a new driver’s TFT screen. The new HD trucks are also expected to get new trailering mirrors and headlights. The 2023 Ram could also come with the new Stellantis inline-six Hurricane motors, too.

The current Ram acquits itself well

Red Ram truck parked in front of a mansion.
2022 Ram 1500 Limited | Stellantis

The current fifth-generation Ram trucks have sold well since their 2019 introduction. Today’s Ram trucks can be ordered with a V6, a diesel, and two different V8 engines for the 1500. The 2500 and 2500 heavy duty trucks can be ordered with a 6.7-liter turbo diesel that have a monster 1,075 lb-ft of torque. You can also order on the 1500, 2500 and 3500 trucks an air suspension that makes Rams some of the smoothest riding trucks on the road.

We’re fully expecting Ram to keep its wild special edition trucks in circulation, too. The TRX leads the pack as the quickest, and fastest, truck you can buy from a dealer. We’re also expecting some of the TRX styling elements to make it to the new 2023 trucks. The TRX lighting, fender scoops, and hood scoop could make their way to the 2023 trucks. Some of those styling elements are already on the Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

We’re looking at 2023 to be a good year for new trucks

A red 2023 Ranger Raptor on a runway
The next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor | Ford

2023 Ram ProMaster: Expected Specs, Design, Features

Ram isn’t the only manufacturer updating its trucks for 2023, and we’re not just talking about the new EVs. Of course Chevy is launching the new EV Sierra, the Ford Lighting is out, there should be a new midsize Ram truck, and Ford is refreshing the Ranger.

The Ranger refresh will also bring the new Ranger Raptor to the U.S., which is big news for truck fans. The American specs haven’t been fully announced yet, but the European specs have. If Ford keeps it the same, the Ranger Raptor will have a new twin-turbo 3-liter EcoBoost V6 with 284 horsepower. It’s coming straight from the factory with locking front and rear differentials, with a low-speed transfer case.

The truck will have anti-lag technology. What does that do? It should keep the turbochargers spinning for a few seconds if the driver takes her foot off the gas. That means instant power, no matter what. The technology should make the turbo motor act more like a naturally-aspirated engine. The big news with the Ranger Raptor will be the suspension. The shocks don’t just have a longer travel, but a quicker rebound. Quick rebound rates allow the truck to scoot over washboard deserts at a good clip.