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The notorious drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is a name that has become synonymous with crime and danger. However, besides his illegal activities, he also had a penchant for high-end luxury cars. One of the most famous was his 1998 McLaren F1, which has been the subject of much speculation and mystery over the years. But finally, the truth about the whereabouts of El Chapo’s McLaren F1 has been uncovered.

How much is a McLaren F1?

A white McLaren F1 shot from the side
McLaren F1 | Heritage Images via Getty Images

The McLaren F1 is one of the world’s most exclusive and sought-after sports cars. With a top speed of 240 mph and a price tag of over $10 million, it’s a car that only the wealthiest collectors can afford. So, it’s not surprising that El Chapo was drawn to it.

El Chapo’s McLaren F1 was first spotted in 2011 when photographed outside his residence in Mexico. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that the car made headlines. That year, it was seized by Mexican authorities during a raid on one of El Chapo’s safe houses. The car was covered in dust and appeared in poor condition at the time.

What happened to El Chapo’s F1?

A white McLaren F1 in a studio
McLaren F1 | Heritage Images via Getty Images

After its seizure, the fate of El Chapo’s McLaren F1 became the subject of much speculation. Some believed the car had been destroyed, while others thought it had been hidden in a secret location. But now, thanks to an investigation by the Mexican government, we finally know the truth. According to a report released by the Mexican government in April 2023, El Chapo’s McLaren F1 was sold at auction in 2018.

The car was one of several assets seized from El Chapo and was sold to an anonymous buyer for an undisclosed amount. The report also revealed that the McLaren F1 had undergone extensive restoration before its sale. First, the car was taken apart and rebuilt from the ground up, with many of its original parts replaced with new ones. It was then repainted in its original color of silver, with a black interior.

Did Ed Bolian buy El Chapo’s McLaren F1?

A red McLaren F1 GTR race car in a studio
McLaren F1 GTR | Heritage Images via Getty Images

The car’s current location remains a mystery, as the Mexican government has yet to reveal the buyer’s identity. Therefore, it is still being determined where the vehicle is presently located. However, it can be assumed that a wealthy and lucky collector now possesses the vehicle. The mystery surrounding the elusive supercar began when Ed Bolian of Vinwiki made a video about the car. Unfortunately, Bolian’s quest to find and purchase the vehicle has ended as the new owner still needs to be discovered.

Who are the famous owners of McLaren F1?

In conclusion, the mystery of El Chapo’s F1 has finally been solved. After years of speculation and rumors, we know the car was sold at auction in 2018 and has undergone extensive restoration. While its current whereabouts remain unknown, the fact that the car still exists is a testament to its enduring appeal and fascination with one of the world’s most notorious criminals.


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