The Multipla is the Ugliest Car Fiat Ever Created

The Italian car manufacturer Fiat is known greatly for the popular 500 and 124 Spyder sports cars, both offering a small and unique design that Fiat owners have come to know and love. The Fiat Multipla, on the other hand, is a weird and awkwardly designed multi-purpose vehicle, and you’d be lucky to proclaim you’ve never seen one.

Exterior Styling

The exterior styling of the Fiat Multipla is clumsy and unappealing, even after receiving a much-needed facelift in 2004. In production from 1998 to 2010, the original styling looked to be inspired by something between a squished insect and an alien that crashed down to Earth from Outerspace. The large windows give the driver and passenger great visibility, allowing them to see the shocked and questioning faces of drivers and pedestrians as they ogle the one-of-a-kind design. Along with the large windows is a double sunroof, an unusual feature for cars of these years.

fiat multipla
BAARN, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 25: Fiat Multipla MPV on display at the 2019 Concours d’Elegance at palace Soestdijk on August 25, 2019 in Baarn, Netherlands. This is the first time the Concours d’Elegance will be held at Soestdijk Palace and the 2019 edition was held on 24-25 August. (Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images)

Other Odd Quirks and Features

The styling isn’t the only weird thing about the Fiat Multipla. For one, the Multipla actually seats 6 people, oddly enough making room for three seats in the front and three seats in the back. The car also hosts a number of other odd features. There are two glove boxes, both mounted on the dash, one in front of the driver and one in front of the passenger seats. The sun visors are noticeable oversized, even so much as to completely block your view of the road. The center seat in the back can fold down to find a cup holder and be used a small table if you chose to take your Multipla out for a picnic and didn’t want to actually get out of the car.

Driving the World’s Ugliest Car by Car Throttle

Overall, the Fiat Multipla isn’t necessarily a bad car, but it is definitely unattractive. Owners may find a charm in this ugly duckling, and it’s odd enough to warrant a second glance. Whether we like them are not, they are unlike any other multi-purpose vehicle on the road, and even though we may hate to look at them, they are admittedly still pretty cool.