The Most Satisfying Car Brands According to Consumer Reports

When it comes to car shopping, potential buyers are typically pleased to hear that the models they’re shopping for make owners happy. In Consumer Reports’ annual consumer satisfaction survey, there are some brands that really shine in terms of owner satisfaction. Of all the carmakers out there, these are the most satisfying car brands according to Consumer Reports. 

Tesla models parked in front of a Tesla building
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What is the best car brand? 

It’s difficult to say exactly which car brand truly reigns supreme. There are so many different brands and some of them produce cars intended for niche markets. But when it comes to Consumer Reports satisfaction ratings, Tesla is actually the best car brand. 

Overall, Tesla owners are the most satisfied consumers in the survey. Consumer Reports asked car owners if they would buy the same car again when they have the chance. Then, the CR team organized the results of the survey to show which brands scored the positive response. 

The information provided by the study reveals not only Tesla as the most satisfying car brand according to Consumer Reports. It also tells us that other brands receive high consumer satisfaction ratings as well. Brands like Lincoln, Ram, and Chrysler also scored some of the highest consumer satisfaction ratings. 

Which cars have the highest consumer satisfaction ratings? 

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Lincoln’s newest luxury SUV, the Corsair | Michael Tran/Getty Images

According to Consumer Reports, the top 10 brands all scored over 70/100 for consumer satisfaction. Among these, the top five most satisfying car brands are Tesla, Lincoln, Ram, Chrysler, and Subaru respectively. However, it’s important to note that each brand offers a different number of models. For example, the survey accounts for six Subaru models and two Ram models. 

Following these top car brands for the highest consumer satisfaction ratings are Hyundai, Porsche, Dodge, and Mazda. Then Consumer Reports lists Toyota and Kia in a tie for the tenth spot. Toyota and Kia scored 71/100. The CR satisfaction survey includes 13 Toyota models and 8 Kia Models. 

The most satisfying car brands according to Consumer Reports

A black 2021 Ram 1500 driving down a dusty road.
2021 Ram 1500 | Ram

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Sitting pretty as the top five most most satisfying car brands according to Consumer Reports are Tesla, Lincoln, Ram, Chrysler, and Subaru. Tesla scored the highest consumer satisfaction rating of any other brand with a score of 88/100. The ratings are an average of the survey results for four of Tesla’s models––the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model Y, and Tesla Model X. However, the Tesla Roadster has a predicted owner satisfaction rating of 5/5 which remains on trend with the other models in the Tesla lineup. 

Following Tesla, Lincoln (also with four models covered by the survey) comes in second place with a consumer satisfaction score of 79/100. Then Ram comes in (two models) with a score of 76/100. Chrysler ties Ram for third with a score of 76/100 for its two models as well. For buyers on the hunt for a vehicle that is a proven pleaser, the information provided by this Consumer Reports survey could prove invaluable.