The Most Reliable Tesla Is Also the Cheapest

Critics and buyers worship the Tesla brand because of its emphasis on electric performance and efficiency. Though, Tesla’s long-term quality is still up for debate. A couple of the brand’s EV’s have some low ratings. But there’s one Tesla that sticks out for being more attainable and reliable.

The most reliable Tesla according to Consumer Reports 

Tesla Model 3 cars on display in China
Tesla Model 3 electric cars on display | Ding Ting/Xinhua via Getty

Consumer Reports caused quite the stir with its updated list of the most reliable car brands. Some Tesla fans were distraught because of how CR ranked Tesla. The org put the EV brand second to last, right above Lincoln. Tesla got a 29 out of 100 for overall dependability. 

A few Teslas lost CR’s official recommendation, including the Model S and the Model Y. But the Tesla Model 3 is the one that fared better than the rest. The Model 3 is the only Tesla with an average score for predicted reliability based on CR’s vehicle testing and owner subscriber survey. So, for now, this Tesla still has CR’s seal of approval.

What’s new on the 2021 Model 3?

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The 2021 Model 3 is easily the most enticing version yet. It now flaunts an even more impressive driving range. The entry-level Standard Range Plus trim now has a 263-mile driving range, 13 miles more than the 2020 version. Furthermore, the Long Range trim now has a 353-mile range—about 31 more miles than the outgoing model. 

What’s also exciting is that the Model 3 got a slight facelift and a refreshed interior for 2021. The updated lineup features new wheel designs for a more stylish appearance. There are more convenient elements, such as a power-operated trunk lid on the entry-level Model 3 sedan. 

Cockpit area of the 2021 Model 3.
2021 Model 3 interior standard with vegan leather | Tesla

Tesla is known for its minimalistic interior design, and the Model 3 still embodies that. However, its new black satin finishings give the EV a more luxe and futuristic feel on the inside. Model 3s can seat up to five people, but the back row is a tad narrow. Many fans love that the Model 3 comes with a 15-inch touchscreen that allows you to access Netflix, YouTube, and games. But only when parked, of course. 

Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto still aren’t apart of Tesla’s offerings. And some drivers may not like that the Model 3’s infotainment setup doesn’t have physical controls. On the brighter side, the center console now has two wireless smartphone charging pads. Many advanced safety features are also standard, including automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. Don’t count on Tesla’s “full-self driving” promises just yet. 

More Model 3 highs and lows to consider 

The rear badge of a white Tesla Model 3 is seen on July 17, 2020 in Beijing, China
The Tesla Model 3 | VCG/VCG via Getty Images

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The new Model 3 begins at $37,990, making it the most attainable Tesla. So if you want an eco-friendly car that doesn’t sacrifice engaging performance, the Model 3 is a worthy choice. This EV has low running costs too. There are still a few potential trouble spots that you should consider, though. Owners have complained most about their 3’s body integrity, body hardware, and paint trim.