The Most Popular Buick Models Aren’t Standouts

Buick, child of General Motors and America’s oldest active car brand is on shaky ground. Not many people are buying cars right now, and especially not Buicks. Even so, there are some solid options in the Buick lineup. They may not be the most powerful or even cheap, but these cars are decent. But, decency isn’t ideal for a “luxury” car brand.

Here you can check out Buick’s most popular models from the last year. There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just hard to identify in a crowd.

2020 Enclave

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It’s pretty lush on the inside, too. #BuickEnclave

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The 2020 Enclave ranks on the higher end of the midsize SUV class and also happens to be Buick’s best selling model. There are actually a lot of reasons to like the Enclave. This model offers refined power, comfort, and smoothness. The car cabin is handsome, but it’s definitely not luxurious﹣mostly because of the lackluster seat material.

Even though the materials on the inside feel a bit cheap, the Enclave is still comfortable. It’s spacious enough for seven passengers and the durable fabrics make it a good option for families. The Enclave comes with a V6 engine that generates a 310-horsepower. It’s not the most powerful option in the midsize SUV lineup, but it’s still satisfying and responsive. The fuel economy though is below average. 

When it comes to infotainment, the Enclave does pretty well here. The display screen is easy to use, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comes standard; the onboard wifi hotspot is a great feature too. Each of the Enclave’s three rows has UBS ports for added convenience. 

There isn’t much else to gripe about the Enclave. However, the model might be more of a standout with standard advanced safety features. With its higher price and luxury affiliation, the model should come with more advanced in-car electronics.

2020 Encore

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Throw your commute a curveball in the #BuickEncore.

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With the Encore, you get a reliable subcompact SUV that’s comfy and spacious. But the story with the  Encore is about the same as the Enclave; it just doesn’t stand out in its class. The Encore’s fuel economy is average, the acceleration is dull, and the cargo space is tight. This model only has a 135-horsepower and advanced safety features don’t come standard. 

Still, the Encore does have some things going for it. The Encore has a deluxe feeling cabin, easy-to-use infotainment, and an accommodating rear seat. But if more power and utility is what you’re looking for, the Hyundai Kona and Mazda CX-5 are easily more impressive options. 

2019 LaCrosse

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Unmistakable elegance. #BuickLaCrosse #ThatsABuick

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Now, the LaCrosse is more of a standout in its class thanks to its top predicted reliability scores, roomy cabin, and decent fuel economy. The  2019 LaCrosse is available in two distinct powertrains: there’s the forceful V6 engine option as well as a hybrid option. What also helps the LaCrosse stand out is that it’s one of the few large sedans that’s available in all-wheel drive.

The LaCrosse also feels upscale on the inside and is well-connected. Drivers appreciate the 8-inch touchscreen and that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard. Onboard wifi also comes standard on this model. But it’s too bad that just when Buick was making the LaCrosse cool, the carmaker decided to sunset the model entirely in the U.S. You can still buy it used though.