The Most Depreciated Supercars Go Head-To-Head in a YouTube Series

Supercars are the things of dreams. Many people can only admire them from a distance because of their price points when new. However, not all of them are equal. Some are more reliable than others. Consequently, some of these dream machines depreciate more than others. To show how attainable a supercar can be, a show just launched its second season that will chronicle three Youtube automotive celebrities trying to enjoy their depreciating assets.

The premise of the show

A gray 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish on the road
2003 Aston Martin Vanquish | Tavarish via Youtube

Earlier this year, Ed Bolian, Tyler Hoover, and Freddy Hernandez asked one of their sponsors if they would be interested in a Top Gear-ish type show. Auto Tempest agreed to film the trio evaluating cars and going on challenges. That show is called CarTrek.

The first season of the show was a big hit. Each episode of the seven-episode series has now garnered close to, or over 1 million views. The success of the show meant a second season was ordered. That new season was launched today. The show starts out with the cars the three hosts have chosen for the season.

The depreciation of the supercars

I will not get into which host chose what car or what they each have to do with their cars. But, I will touch on the topic of depreciation. Depreciation happens to almost any car immediately upon the vehicle leaving the dealership lot for the first time. You would hope that spending a lot of money on a car would mean that it will take a long time for it depreciate significantly. Sometimes that is true. But not always. For example, sometimes even supercars become notorious for failing components. Consequently, the older the car gets or, the more mileage it has, the more it will depreciate.

So what cars did the hosts choose to exemplify supercar depreciation? Spoiler alert. Show information follows.

2003 Maserati GT Trofeo

An old white Maserati coupe has racing livery.
2003 Maserati GT Trofeo | Tavarish via Youtube

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For many years, Maserati has had an agreement to use Ferrari engines. But, the Maserati lineup could not compete with Ferrari itself. So, the automaker eventually positioned itself as the poor-man’s Ferrari, an entry-level of sorts to supercardom. Unfortunately, the lack of respect from the motoring community, and the mechanical concerns that have popped up with the lineup, as explained in the show, means that depreciation is a big concern for owners. For example, the 2003 Maserati GT Trofeo that shows up in the first episode of season two was $95,000 new. One of the hosts bought it for the show for just under $10,000.

2003 Aston Martin Vanquish

The Aston Martin Vanquish is a car that has been praised for its stunning beauty by many in the automotive world. But, the car’s reliability as it aged has become a concern for owners. Values of the supercar consequently dropped. For the Youtube show, a sample that was once a $245,000 car was purchased for $29,000.

Mercedes-Benz AMG CL65

The Mercedes-Benz AMG CL65 is a vehicle that many may disagree with being considered as a supercar. However, it has a twin-turbo V12 as its powerplant. So, it’s unassuming looks hide its monster tarmac carving capability. When it was new, the car commanded a $180,000 price tag. Now it has depreciated to $13,000.

Depreciation is a terrible thing for the first owner of a vehicle. However, if one was considering purchasing a supercar used, then depreciation is a friend. Granted, there may be more mechanical concerns with any used vehicle purchase. After all, most times you don’t know how well maintained a vehicle is before you buy it. So, with any used vehicle purchase it is usually a good idea to have a repair fund set aside to tackle any surprises. Otherwise, you could end up with vehicles that quickly become only good as yard art.

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How much depreciation?

In the case of the Youtube show, the three vehicles had depreciated 85-90 percent. But, each of those supercars needs maintenance. So, depreciation can lead to a good deal, but needed repairs can add up and make a person question their purchase. You can watch each of the three supercars go head-to-head in challenges as each new episode of CarTrek is released on the Tavarish Youtube channel.