The Most Controversial Ferrari Ever Is Coming In 2021

Probably the most controversial Ferrari to have ever been produced will debut in 2021. The Purosangue will be the first SUV Ferrari has ever made. Not only that but Ferrari doesn’t want to call it an SUV. To help enhance the idea of Ferrari building something so un-performance-like it won’t call it an SUV. Instead, Ferrari will call it an “FUV” which stands for “Ferrari Utility Vehicle.” No, we are not kidding.

The foundation for the first-ever FUV is coming from the Ferrari Roma. Ferrari debuted a number of all-new vehicles in 2019 and the Roma was one. This information comes through an interview in Auto Express of Michael Lieters who is the Ferrari chief technology officer. As can be seen in the Auto Express rendering the FUV will also pick up styling cues from the Roma. 

Will this controversial Ferrari come with the 6.5-liter V12?

2021 Ferrari SUV concept | Auto Express UK-0
2021 Ferrari SUV concept | Auto Express UK

The Roma’s front-engine architecture was developed as a versatile platform that can accommodate a number of engines and drivelines. Those include V6, V8, and even a V12. It is believed that Ferrari favors a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The FUV in its ultimate configuration would be developed around Ferrari’s 6.5-liter V12. This is because Ferrari doesn’t want to resort to electrification for its top-of-the-line version.

Ferrari wants to stay away from combining a bank of heavy batteries with its V12. It sees lugging the weight around defeats having the unique engine. So, future electrical variants will only be matched with smaller displacement engines. 

The purity of the brand cannot be sustained without vehicles like the FUV

As you can expect this is a very controversial move on Ferrari’s part. There are many who feel this will tarnish forever the panache that came with owning a Ferrari. But the purity of the brand cannot be sustained. Vehicle manufacturers need to diversify products as consumer demand shifts. 

The electrification of cars and trucks is upon us. Consumers don’t want cars, they want SUVs and trucks. If Ferrari is to exist it has to bend with the times or it will cease to exist. 

2021 Ferrari SUV concept | Auto Express UK-0
2021 Ferrari SUV concept | Auto Express UK

Supercars are also evolving. With the performance that comes from the new EV/ICE technology of supercars, Ferrari couldn’t resist adopting new technologies. However, it wants to double done on “ lightness, controllability, and aerodynamics,” according to Enrico Galliera. He is chief marketing officer for Ferrari.

Porsche has become the roadmap for manufacturers like Ferrari

Porsche has become the road map for many of these niche supercar manufacturers. It needed a product for the times-an SUV, to help to exist. Those changes are still facing Ferrari. The Cayenne and Macan have allowed Porsche to survive to build some incredible vehicles. Cars like the 918 and the GT2 RS. 

So sticking with the previous way of running Ferrari is not sustainable. But, for Ferrari to continue developing cars like the new Roma it will also have to look at more mainstream products. Remember that the next SF 90 cannot be developed and manufactured without the help of a Ferrari crossover. It’s what will keep Ferrari manufacturing incredible vehicles into the future.