The Most Complained About Volvo Cars

Volvo is a brand that inspires feelings of trust and safety. They aren’t meant to be necessarily exciting or offer a striking design. But the Volvo car should offer quality and performance that is reliable and lasts a long time. It’s not a seldom sight to see an old Volvo sedan or wagon driving on roads today. However, they aren’t all the trusty steed they are cracked up to. In fact, these are the most complained about Volvo cars.

It’s worth noting that, in total, there are only 503 complaints about any Volvo vehicle. This is a minuscule number in comparison with some mainstream giants with over 20,000 complaints. Regardless of how few the complaints, however, it can still be helpful to know the most complained about models of any given car brand.

The Volvo S80

The Volvo S80 is a sedan that existed as part of the Swedish Brand’s wheelhouse from 1998 to 2016. It has 39 complaints filed on the website. The S80 is third on the list of the most complained about Volvo cars.

“It’s either not very popular or it’s very, very good.”

The worst Volvo S80 sedan is from 2000. This model experiences engine problems. The 2000 model year is also the most complained about Volvo S80 sedan too.

The most-reported problem, however, is the 2004 Volvo S80 from the 2004 model year. This model dealt with issues where the urgent transmission service light came on. These problems occurred with just between 30,000 and 51,000 miles on the odometer.

The Volvo V70

This Volvo wagon was manufactured from 1996 to 2016. It is a versatile model with a slight size advantage over a sedan. The Volvo V70 wagon is second on the list of the most complained about Volvo cars. Overall, the Volvo V70 has 55 complaints filed with

2004 Volvo V70 wagon driving on a treelined road
2004 Volvo V70R | Bring a Trailer

The worst model year for the Volvo V70 wagon 2001. This model year has engine problems. The V70 from 2001 also accumulated the most complaints overall. Apparently, the 2-01 Volvo V70 wagon also dealt with transmission failure.

For the the V70, however, the issues arose between 83,000 and 101,000. Additionally, the transmission and engine problems ranked #1-#3 all cost between $4,000-$7,000. They definitely don’t seem like easy problems to deal with.

The Volvo S60

This is a sedan that has been manufactured and sold since 2000. Since then it has grown in popularity. There are 66 complaints filed for the Volvo S60 sedan on That means the S60 is number one of the most complained about Volvo cars.

The worst model year for the Volvo S60 is 2012. Apparently, this model year deals with engine problems. The 2001 model is the most complained about S60. Then you have the most-reported problem that belongs to the 2012 model year.

New Volvo S60 R-Design exterior by the beach
Volvo S60 R-Design | Volvo

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The worst problems are excessive oil consumption, sudden engine failure, and transmission failure. These each occur with 74,000 to 93,000 on the odometer. The worst issues for the Volvo S60 sedan cost between 4,000 and 7,000.

Volvo car complaints

Whether it’s a wagon or a sedan, this list shows how even the cars with few complaints have things to teach us from the consumer feedback. If you’re looking at new or used Volvo cars, this list could inform your decision. Don’t forget that––while these are the most complained about Volvo cars––there aren’t actually that many Volvo complaints in general.