The Most Complained About Subaru SUVs

Subaru SUVs are a primary choice on the market for families. The brand is known for safety, performance, and longevity. There are definitely a lot of great Subaru SUVs that have done well for the drivers and families. However, no brand is perfect. Despite the well-known Subaru brand loyalty, there are in fact complaints about certain Subie vehicles on Of the Subaru SUV lineup which includes models like the Ascent, the Forester, and the Outback, these are the most complained about Subaru SUVs.

2020 Subaru Outback displaying capability with staged photo on top of a cliffside
The off-road capable 2020 Subaru Outback | Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The Subaru Forester

This SUV is a good family crossover. Like others in the Subaru lineup, it comes with AWD as standard equipment. However, it is also second among the top two most complained about Subaru SUVs. These two are also, of course, the most bought Subaru SUV. It’s important to bear in mind that these complaints are represented with sheer numbers, not in percentages. So the popularity of a given vehicle has a lot to do with how many complaints are filed. Still, the Subaru Forest has 704 complaints filed on

Subaru Forester parked in a field
Subaru Forester

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The worst model year for the Subaru Forester is 2014. This model, according to consumer data, has dealt with engine problems. CarComplaints actually posts the 2015 model year for the year with the most complaints overall. Then the 2014 comes back to claim the most-reported problem. Apparently, the 2014 model year experiences excessive oil consumption.

The Subaru Outback

This spritely wagon is one of the most popular crossover SUVs in the country. Its standard and, versatile style, options, and performance all make it a desirable decision when you are considering buying a car. Still, it’s definitely not perfect. The Subaru Outback is number one on the list of the most complained about Subaru SUVs on As of this writing, we see 961 complaints on file for the Outback.

A 2015 Subaru Outback wagon––or SUV ––on display
The 2015 Subaru Outback | Eric Thayer/Getty Images

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Sure, in the grand scheme of things that’s not a crazy high number overall. Regardless, the Outback is the list topper. The worst model year for the Subaru Outback is 2013. This model also deals with engine problems––according to consumer data.

The most complained about model year for the Subaru Outback was 2015, actually. That 2018 model year, however, claims the title for the problem that is complained about the most. Apparently, there is a bit of a dead battery issue with the 2018 Subaru Outback.

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Subaru SUV complaints

The Subaru Outback is the list-topper for the most complained about Subaru SUVs. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad or unreliable vehicle. However, it is certainly notable that the model year with the most-reported problem is very recent––2018. People looking for a used Subaru SUV may find this information helpful when they are deciding which brand to choose.

a white subaru forester crossover SUV at speed on a scenic road
Subaru Forester | Subaru

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Of all the complaints on file for the Subaru brand, the ones posted as the worst of all are various model years of these two SUVs. Again, this is largely due to how popular the models are and how many have moved past production and into the hands of consumers.