The Most Complained About Subaru Cars

The Subaru brand is a trusted name that inspires some serious brand loyalty. Overall, they have largely been regarded as reliable. There are many happy Subaru owners out there driving their first, second, or even third Subaru. Second or third-generation Subaru owners are a thing. But not every Subaru car is perfect. According to the complaints filed on, these are the most complained about Subaru cars.

The Subaru WRX

Although the number of complaints on for the Subaru WRX, it’s still third on the list of the most complained about Subaru cars. In total, the Subaru WRX has 75 complaints filed. The fact that the WRX made the third spot is mostly because it’s both a popular model and Subaru doesn’t offer a huge lineup of vehicles as it is.

2020 Subaru WRX has a few complaints on the data base
2020 Subaru WRX | Subaru

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The worst model year for the Subaru WRX is 2015. This year experiences clutch problems. According to the data collected from WRX owners, the 2015 WRX is also the model year with the most complaints overall. This model year also claims the most-reported problem––a bad clutch plate and flywheel.

The Subaru Impreza

This is another popular car from Subaru. Overall, there are 251 complaints on file for the Subaru Impreza on That means the Impreza is the second car on the list of the most complained about Subaru cars.

The worst model year for the Subaru Impreza is 2012. This year dealt with engine problems. However, that’s not the year with the most complaints in total. That title goes to the 2008 model, which also claims the most-reported problem. The 2008 Subaru Impreza, according to owners, has a strange film on the windows and windshield.

Subaru Impreza is displayed during the second press day at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show
The Subaru Impreza | Robert Hradil/Getty Images

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The Subaru Legacy

The list-topper for the most complained about Subaru cars is the Subaru Legacy. It’s also a very popular Subaru car. Consumers appreciate the Legacy for its AWD capability. The Subaru Legacy has 266 complaints on file with That makes it the car with the largest number of complaints by just a few reports.

A white Subaru Legacy on display at an auto show, some models have engine problems
Subaru Legacy | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

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The worst model year for the Subaru Legacy is 2009. The 2009 Legacy also experiences engine problems. That’s the Legacy’s worst problem, according to consumer data. However, the model year with the most complaints is 2015. The most-reported problem overall belongs to the 2011 model year. The 2011 Legacy has an issue with the headlights burning out too frequently.

Subaru car complaints

Although Subaru makes good vehicles, the cars haven’t gone completely without complaint. Consumers have filed complaints for the most complained about Subaru cars over the years. As of this writing, the Subaru WRX is the third most complained about Subaru car.

A sign displaying the Subaru logo on display
A Subaru sign | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Then the Subaru Impreza comes second. The most complained about Subaru car overall is the Subaru Legacy. The Legacy’s worst issue is with engine problems. However, there are only 266 complaints overall for every Legacy sold and every model year released to date. So when you put the numbers in perspective like that you realize that in general there aren’t really many Subaru car complaints.