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While there might be better things in life than jumping in your camper and hitting the road, the list is probably short. You literally get the best of both worlds, as you travel around the country in the comfort of your own home.

All is not well in the RV world, however. There are some RV parks that can turn out to be nightmarish to stay in, according to Camper Report. Here are the top three complaints, and what you can do to avoid these uncomfortable situations.

Gross water is enough to ruin any camping trip

An RV parked at a campground
A woman prepares food outside her RV | MyLoupe/UIG Via Getty Images

While this wasn’t the top complaint on the list, it might be the most important. While a lack of space and rude owners is a problem, we need water to live.

If you’ve got nasty water pouring out of the tap, chances are you probably don’t want to drink it, much less bathe in it. There are some great filters that can help with situations like this. Still, why risk it?

Lack of room in the RV park

You most likely got an RV to get away from it all. If that’s not the main reason, it’s probably close to the top of the list. That’s why it’s very frustrating to enter an RV park campsite only to discover that you’re going to have to park on top of someone else.

It can lead to another problem that made the list, and that’s bad neighbors. When you’re in such close contact physically with the people next to you, it makes it hard to feel like you’re getting away.

While the people next to you could be totally cool, they could also cause problems because you’re so close. They’ll be glaring out the window every time you open your door and most people value their privacy.

If you want to avoid this, try to find a campsite with plenty of room. It’s not always possible, however, so just try to pick where you stay carefully.

Bugs will make you regret ever going outside

Bugs and insects an unfortunate part of life, and when you go camping, it’s like all the bugs are waiting for you when you arrive. It’s worse in some areas like lakes where there is standing water.

While there isn’t much the RV park owners can do about the bugs, you can take some preventative measures by buying bug spray. It’s not full proof by any means, but it will at least by you a few minutes of peace before it fades away and you get swarmed by a plague of mosquitoes.

Do your research before staying in an RV park


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Before the Internet, we had to rely on word of mouth regarding whether an RV park was worth the stay or if you should flee into the night. That’s all over now. With a few clicks, you can research almost any RV park in the world, and see if it’s a place you’d like to stay at.

Just make sure you don’t read one glowing review and decide this is the place for you. Everyone has different standards, after all, so it’s best to read as many reviews as you can.

If you’re in a hurry for some reason, and need to choose a place quickly, many review sites will allow you to customize your search to the top reviews as well as the worst.

Once you’re ready to leave, pay it forward. Leave a review, and be honest. List all the things that you loved and the things that made you cringe. It could very well save someone else from ending up in an uncomfortable setting.

It’s also possible that the park owners might realize they need to step up and make some major changes if they want to keep patrons coming in.