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Dodge may not be the most sought-after automaker regarding SUVs, with several of its offerings — such as the Journey — receiving highly critical reviews. The Dodge Durango, however, is a slightly different story. While it has its fair share of problems, it is also generally well-reviewed and may be a good bet if you’re hunting for a Dodge SUV. Even so, it’s essential to understand a vehicle’s pitfalls before you commit — so here are the most common Dodge Durango problems as reported by owners.

What are the most common Dodge Durango problems?

Dodge Durango problems
The Dodge Durango SUV | Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

The most commonly reported issue with the Durango is its exhaust manifold bolts breaking. This tends to impact vehicles at an average mileage of 112,030. It generally results in a strange ticking noise, which drivers notice most strongly when the engine is cold. RepairPal estimates the repair costs at $642-$845.

Dodge Durango drivers also occasionally report water passing through the windshield’s cowl screen during heavy rainstorms or when going through a car wash, generally causing the Check Engine light to illuminate. The problem can be solved by investing in a revised cowl screen at approximately $88-$111.

The third most reported Durango problem is a clogged exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) tube. This may result in engine stalling or a rough idle, but it, fortunately, has a simple fix: cleaning the EGR tube will often solve the problem.

Another common problem specifically impacts Dodge Durango vehicles with the 5.7-liter V8 engine. On these, the Camshaft position sensor occasionally fails, causing the engine to stall or not start. This requires a replacement Camshaft position sensor, generally costing $88-$111. Finally, some drivers report an unpleasant musty smell circulating in the HVAC system. To combat this problem, Dodge offers a cleanser and an evaporator coating to help prevent odor-causing bacteria.

How serious are these Dodge Durango problems?

While these Dodge Durango problems are inconvenient and frustrating, most of them are fortunately not too serious. Besides the high price of repairing a broken exhaust manifold bolt, RepairPal estimates repair costs for all these issues at around $100.

However, a problem that is cause for concern is the stalling engine caused by a clogged EGR tube or failing Camshaft position sensor. According to RepairPal, drivers experiencing these issues have had their Durango stall while driving on the highway or turning at an intersection, resulting in one driver calling the engine failure “very scary and dangerous.” 

What reviewers have to say about the Dodge Durango

Despite its problems, the Dodge Durango has received overall positive reviews from critics. Car and Driver gives it a score of 8/10, stating that while it may not be the most practical SUV, it is one of the coolest. In particular, the reviewer notes that the Durango is fun to drive, with a comfortable ride and an impressive towing capacity. This SUV is also well-reviewed on Edmunds, with a five-star consumer rating and many glowing comments raving about the Durango’s powerful engine.

However, both Edmunds and Car and Driver report a few flaws as well. The Durango has below-average fuel economy, getting just 18 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles per gallon on the highway. It is also somewhat bulky, and its crash-test ratings are OK but not great — it scored 3/5 in both the driver’s side frontal barrier crash and the rollover categories.

Even so, the Durango is one of the more highly-rated SUVs in Dodge’s lineup. While it certainly has some flaws, drivers and reviewers alike report overall satisfaction with the performance of this powerful SUV.


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