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Owning a Dodge Charger for some enthusiasts is like a rite of passage. It’s an iconic muscle car with a long, rich history of performance, dominance on the track, and rebellious personality. For those who have owned a Charger, whether it be in years past or currently parked in the garage, ownership of such a classic and beloved car is rewarding.

If owning a Dodge Charger is in your foreseeable future, there are a few common complaints you should know about too. Charger owners share some of the issues they’ve encountered during their ownership experience, along with repairs and remedies that solved their problems. You may find these helpful to know ahead of time, to help you prepare for similar challenges you may face with your Dodge Charger.

PCM/TCM problems reported by 268 owners

One of the most common problems, as reported through, involves shuddering during shifting. The issue lies within the powertrain control and transmission modules (PCM/TCM). Software updates tend to resolve the issues with both.

For Dodge Charger models across varying years between 2006 and 2017, this seems to occur more frequently. At higher mileages, on average, around 97,000, the gear shifting hesitation may be a result of mechanical failures, so proper diagnosis is first recommended.

Transmission quality issues reported by 215 owners

Another frequently reported issue with the transmission control module (TCM), occurs in conjunction with the complaint we highlighted above. However, this is a separate concern and can present specifically as a hard downshift from fourth to third.

If the first round of software updates doesn’t address this problem, a revised solution has been released that seems to do the trick. This downshifting quality issue tends to present around the 100,000-mile mark, and with models between 2006 and 2016.

Power windows become inoperative for 119 owners

A major inconvenience for more than 100 Dodge Charger owners is the failing power window regulator or motor. This complaint, according to reports, isn’t confined to one window specifically. The cable may fail, as may the motor or regulator, requiring complete assembly replacement.

Repair costs are manageable, between $221-$242, but having an inoperable window or two has been a hassle for many. The model years affected were those Chargers within 2006 and 2013 production years. Some found problems as early as 22,000 miles while others didn’t experience window failures until well beyond 150,000 miles.

Electrical and lighting complaints for 113 owners

Interior lights may malfunction temporarily or all together for many Dodge Charger owners. Glitching electrical components seem to affect the 2006-2014 model years the most. A software update solves the problem for most everyone, as it resets the lighting and interior feature connections.

It’s hard to say when you might expect issues with the lights, as some experience problems early on and around 9,400 miles. Others were well over the 200,000-mile mark before confronted with the lighting failures.

Other common Dodge Charger complaints worth noting

Some of the other concerns that seem to present more frequently for Dodge Charger owners include failed thermostats, squeaking steering shafts, and strange odors from the air conditioning. There are reports of problems with gas tanks not filling and rear axle seal leaks.

The good news, despite the common occurrence of these complaints, there are a host of equally common repairs for these issues, as well, making most of them easy fixes.

When you become a Charger owner, you are joining a club of true enthusiasts. This muscle car is a fan-favorite everywhere. But, everyone knows, when you opt-in and buy one, you should be prepared to take on the good and the bad. At least knowing some of the most common complaints, can help you be proactive about troubleshooting potential issues throughout your many years of ownership.