The Most Common Complaints About Owning a Boat That You Should Know Before Buying One

Owning a boat can be one of two things. On the one hand, owning one can make for the best experience of your life. But on the other hand? Owning one can be a pretty dreadful experience. Here, we take a look at some of the upsides to owning a boat, along with some of the most common complaints about owning a boat. Ready to dive in?

A boat on the water
A speedboat. | Mahmut Serdar Alakus/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Who doesn’t want to spend time on the water?

First, let’s talk about the advantages of owning a boat. If you live close to a sizeable body of water, this is an easy one. Whether you’re cruising the local lake or have decided to take on some ocean waves, spending time on the water can make for a thrilling experience. From tubing to cruising, there’s no shortage of fun to be had on the water.

There’s also no shortage of places to go when you own a boat. Better Boat reports that owning one means you’ll experience an entirely different perspective on the water. Explore small islands or, as Hatch Magazine suggests, check out a fishing spot that’s only accessible by boat.

Owning a boat means spending quality time with friends and family

According to Egard, another upside to owning a boat is that it’s the ideal way to recover from a long work week. Even better? It also allows you to share quality time with friends and family. For a more exciting day on the water with friends and family, Better Boat suggests loading up the paddleboards, tubes, snorkeling accessories, and other gear for fun and games on the water.

A pontoon boat and a Couple walking on a dock on the Mississippi River MN in summer.
A pontoon boat on the water. | Donovan Reese Photography via Getty Images

There’s nothing cheap about boats 

Of course, there are some downsides to owning a boat. One of the most obvious? Boats are expensive. From buying one to maintaining one, Discover Boating reports that owning a boat is going to cost you a very pretty penny. To calculate how much owning a boat will cost you, you’ll have to factor in things like buying a trailer, enrolling in boat insurance, paying marina fees, and covering maintenance costs. And that’s all before you start decking your boat out with safety gear and fun accessories. 


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Owning a boat doesn’t mean you can use it year-round

The disappointing thing about having a boat is that you probably won’t be able to use it year-round. Depending on where you live, it might not be warm enough to use a boat year-round. And, according to Egard, if you do try to use your boat in cold weather, it could cause your boat to break down. 

Is buying a boat the right choice for you?

There are several pros and cons to owning a boat. But what do they mean for you? Are the pros of owning a boat enough to make up for the cons of owning one? If they are, then owning one might the right choice for you. And if not? Then buying a boat might not be for you.