The Maserati Ghibli Is Probably The Worst Car You Can Buy

Apparently, not all luxury sedans are created equally. In fact, the Maserati Ghibli has a price range on par with a BMW 550i or an Audi A7 but lacks any of the luxury, space or styling of other luxury sedans in its class.

Technology and Features

For a measly $40,000 you can own a used Maserati Ghibli and enjoy almost none of the updated safety features or technology you might expect of a car boasting that price tag. If you want features that Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have been offering for years, such as a 360 camera, lane departure warning, and forward-collision braking, you will have to buy the newest year of Ghibli with the Driver’s Assistance package – that’s right, these features don’t come on the standard base models – and eat the depreciation of a car that will cost you $80,000 off the lot and instantly lose thousands of dollars in equity by the time you make it home. For a significantly lower price, you would be better off buying an older Audi A7.

2019 Maserati Ghibli
2019 Maserati Ghibli | Maserati

Styling and Interior

The appearance of the Maserati Ghibli also leaves a lot to be desired. It’s awkward proportions mix with the weird scrunched body lines to make the car look as impractical as it actually turns out to be.

The interior is a mixture of low-quality plastic buttons, turn signal levers and cheap trim. If the window controls and dome light look familiar, that is because the Maserati Ghibli shares many of these plastic components with entry-level Chrysler cars. That’s right – for $80,000 you too can drive a luxury sports sedan decked out in cheap, low-end plastic out of a .

If you’re fine with the plastic trim pieces and shared mechanisms, your back-seat passengers may not be as thrilled. Unlike the Audi A7, the sweeping coupe-style body line of the Ghilbi is awkward and sacrifices the space and comfort of the rear passengers. The sloping roofline means anyone taller than a young child would find themselves craning their neck to squeeze in. If your contorted guests aren’t feeling uncomfortable enough, the fact that the rear windows only roll down halfway is enough to ensure they experience the luxurious claustrophobia that is your Maserati Ghibli.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – JANUARY 9: Maserati Ghibli luxury performance sedan interior non display at Brussels Expo on January 9, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. The car is equipped with a large digital dashboard and touch screen on the centre console. (Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images)

The Ghibli Handles Like…

I hope you didn’t think I was going to say “unlike anything you’ve ever driven before” because after all, I did say this wasn’t a great car. I mean, the Ghibli is a great car if you are buying one used at a much lower price than market value and purely because you want to have that trident logo.

The Ghibli has relatively quick acceleration, once it is done pondering if it wants to respond to you pressing the gas pedal. It is not comparable to the speed or performance handling of the Audi A7 or BMW 550i but it isn’t completely far off from it. In fact, the car driver more casually, leaning on the side of luxury rather than sport, and we aren’t upset by the car’s calm but present exhaust nodes.