The LS Days are Gone – Do the Tesla Swap

The “crate motor” is the cornerstone upon which the custom, hotrod, and street racing car scenes have been built around for a long, long time. The LS, in particular, is the king of the crate motors, and long has it reigned. LS is a series of engines made by GM that you could order from the manufacturer who would then ship the motor to you in a crate, hence the name “crate motor.” But now you can get the instant torque and power of Tesla in a crate motor. EV West is now offering a crate electric motor called the Revolt Tesla.  

The Revolt Telsa electric crate motor marks a new stage in the evolution of EV’s dissemination further into the car world. Customing cars has always been deeply rooted in the scene, and now the electric gizmos are coming to play in garages near you. Although EV West sells other EV conversion kits for classic cars, this is a bit more to the point. 

Tesla crate specs

First and foremost, the Tesla crate has hotrods in mind. It was made to bolt up to small-block V8 motor mounts for easy installation, according to MotorTrend. This is big considering how many cars are already set up to house a small-block engine. Not only does the Tesla crate motor bolt right up, but the crate also connects directly to a driveshaft, allowing the same rear axel to be used. 

Revolt Systems is a new company that started to provide the necessary conversions of Tesla powertrains to this new layout. Revolt and EV West worked together to create this new EV conversion kit. MotorTrend reports that EV West previewed photos of this kit from the custom car Shangrila, Bonneville Salt Flats. 

MotorTrend reports the Revolt Telsa crate motor will make 450 kW, or in regular car speak, 550 hp. Revolt also stated on their website that this kit would include “a highly modified 400-kW Tesla Model S motor producing approximately 533 hp with over 800 [lb-ft] of torque at the yolk.” Whichever way it ends up, we can expect some serious performance kits. The numbers reported on these motors by EV West are definitely Salt Flats approved.

The contents of the crate

New Revolt Tesla Crate Motor
New Revolt Tesla Crate Motor | EV West

The Revolt Tesla comes with the motor, inline gear reduction where a traditional transmission would bolt up behind an engine, and the universal joint which bolts right up to the driveshaft. While the motor and hookups are included in the crate, the battery and control unit must be bought separately. 

A new era in custom cars

Tesla logo on display
Tesla logo | Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Classic SUVs That Deserve an Electric Conversion

EV West offers what seems like the same 400 kW Tesla Model S style motor but with something closer to stock gearing for around $12,000. We don’t know what the small-block plug-in Tesla powertrain will cost yet, but if the other offerings from EV West are any indication, it won’t be as cheap a swap as some LS options. I’d wager hot rod conversion like this would be way more neighbor-friendly than the window-rattling LS cars. You’re welcome, neighbors.