The Lowest-Priced E-Bikes Could Make You Not Miss Having a Car

Are you currently working from home due to the pandemic and decided that you no longer need a car? Or do you currently live in a crowded urban area and have decided that an electric bike works best for you? In either case, you probably don’t want to spend too much money on an e-bike and we wouldn’t blame you, considering they can get expensive and you might change your mind later on.

However, the following e-bikes listed here are some of the most affordable on the market, which means that you can have your e-bike and ride it without any buyer’s remorse. A low price plus electric bike fun could mean that you’ll never miss having a car.

GoTrax Shift S1 – $499

The lowest-priced electric bike on the list is the GoTrax Shift S1, which features a tri-fold design so that you can take it just about anywhere with you. What’s even better is that the Shift S1 has a lightweight frame so it’s easy to carry around, and it also has a long-lasting 36-volt battery the provides power to a 350-watt motor. That motor is able to power the bike up to 20 mph and the battery will give you 15 miles on a single charge.

Mini Swagtron Swagcycle – $399

The mini Swagtron Swagcycle is the smallest, and probably weirdest, e-bike on this list. We say that because this tiny e-bike is more of an electric scooter than it is a bike because it doesn’t have any pedals. Instead, it has pegs to rest your feet on while you scoot around electrically for up to 12 miles on a single charge. However, it does charge quickly (around 2-4 hours) and can go up to 15 mph, so it’s definitely handy.   

Swagtron SwagCycle
Swagtron SwagCycle | Swagtron

Hyper Bicycles – $600

If you’re looking for more of a regular-sized e-bike that won’t break the bank, or at least cost you less than $1,000, then the Hyper E-Ride Mountain Bike could do the trick. This hardtail-style e-bike is outfitted with a Shimano gear shifter and derailleur as well as a 250-watt motor that’s connected to a 36-volt battery. Together, the setup provides a range of up to 20 miles and a top speed of 20 mph. Of course, you can always just pedal when it runs out of juice.

Hyper E-Ride Mountain Bike
Hyper E-Ride Mountain Bike | Hyper E-bikes

Lectric XP – $899

If you need an e-bike that’s both foldable and capable, then the Lectric XP has you covered. This small e-bike features a 45-mile range, disc brakes, a seven-speed Shimano freewheel, and fat all-terrain tires for when the going gets a little tough. While it might not replace a full-on mountain bike, the Lectric XP will at least get you to where you want to go in relative style and speed.

Aventon Pace 350 – $1,099

If you do want to splurge a little more on a new e-bike, then the Aventon Pace 350 could work well for you. It’s a normal-sized e-bike with a handy step-through design, a robust 500watt motor, and a 35-mile range. What’s even better is that it has a top speed of 20 mph, and while that might not sound like much compared to how fast you can go in a car, consider that you can go to a lot of places on an e-bike that couldn’t normally go to in a car.


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